Painting Monet “Walk”

Claude Monet is a famous French artist of the nineteenth century. He is considered the founder of the new direction for painting, Impressionism. Drawing Monet started early. These were the caricatures that he sold in his father’s shop. Later he became interested in working in nature and began to create his famous canvases.

Living with his family in Argenteuil, he paints a lot of his beloved wife Camille. One of these works, written in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-fifth year, is called “A Walk: A Lady with an umbrella”. The painting depicts Camille Monet with his eldest son Jean.

The artist painted a wife standing on a hillock. The background for the female figure is a blue sky with snow-white clouds running along it. Little Jean is a little further away, so the viewer’s attention is focused on the woman. She is wearing a light light blue dress. It may be white, but blue against the blue sky. In her hands she holds a summer umbrella. The

weather is quite hot. The bright sun is shining. They are flooded all around. The woman and the child seem to dissolve in the sunlight.

Light breeze blowing. From his breath clouds fly across the sky, the young woman’s hair and her dress flutter. From the white waves running across the sky, the impression of the airiness of the entire space appears. Even a woman seems light and airy. She is about to fly away with the clouds to an unknown distance. The woman looks a little surprised. She sees the artist and is confused by the fact that her, heavenly creature, caught unawares. But do not hurry to fly away. Curiosity prevails.

Monet is not interested in nature. All his attention is absorbed by a woman so beautiful and airy. He just drew a green meadow under the feet of an unearthly creature, above the tree branch under which a woman stands. The work of the artist is closely watched by a small boy. He stands at a distance, as an outside observer. It takes an amazing process of creating a picture, and he watches with curiosity the movements of the artist’s brush.

Claude Monet’s painting

“A Walk: A Lady with an umbrella” is so bright and joyful that when you look at it, it becomes easy on the soul. It radiates love and happiness. And at the same time he speaks about something unearthly, about what is hidden behind the blue sky, behind the clouds that are running somewhere. The great artist was able to unite the earthly with an ethereal, ordinary life with eternity. Four years after the creation of this picture, Camille Monet will die of tuberculosis. But on the canvas it will always remain young and blooming, giving joy to all who look at the picture.

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Painting Monet “Walk”