Composition on Kuindzhi’s painting “Sunset in Winter: The Beach of the Sea”

In this picture, Kuindzhi AI was depicted by a sea landscape. In front of the viewer, an incredible spectacle opens up. Canvas, as if divided into two parts, most of which is occupied by the sky with a picturesque sunset. And the second part is represented in the form of a frozen winter coast of the sea.

Of course, the main figure in the whole picture is the sun. It shone with a bright fireball over the sea water, spreading across it with colorful beams. The horizon line is not even visible because of this colorful illusion. The outgoing sun painted the sky from one side into an orange-red color, and on the other – in a lilac-pink. The rays, blocked by clouds, whimsically stretch upward, like the sun stretches out its hands, not wanting to go beyond the horizon. Gradually the rays from the bright orange smoothly turn into light yellow, flashing small clouds.

The winter beach gradually sinks into the darkness. On the shore, the outlines of herbs and shrubs, dry branches and small paths are indistinct. Everything speaks of the evening approaching. Dark color favorably contrasts with bright colors, emphasizing their depth and richness of hues.

All holdings resemble the abstract style, since the strokes are very inaccurate and blurry. The artist tried to depict the winter sunset in all its splendor, because it is in the frost that he is especially beautiful. As in many works of AI Kuindzhi, the play of colors is striking here. The author managed to convey with photographic precision all the splendor and sophistication of the winter sunset.

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Composition on Kuindzhi’s painting “Sunset in Winter: The Beach of the Sea”