How to write an essay on the picture?

Sometimes it is difficult to write an essay. It would seem that came to mind, then we’ll record it! But no, it does not fit. To understand how to write an essay-description of a painting that will differ from others, it is necessary to approach the process with creativity. Also you need to follow the rules that are typical for different genres of paintings.


If the picture you describe describes nature, then:

Start your writing with your impressions of what you saw. Describe your feelings if you were there. Write your thoughts in simple words, then there will be no ordinary and gray phrases. Mark the details that you noticed in the picture. After all, in landscapes this is a very important aspect. For example, if you draw a house with an open door, then notice that there are waiting for guests. Do not be afraid to make assumptions about what the artist wanted to say by his painting. Find information about when the picture was written and what happened

to the author in those days. So you can more accurately understand the artist’s emotions at the time of writing. At the end of your essay, draw conclusions about how nature was conveyed by the artist, how he portrayed feelings in the landscape.


If you need to write an essay on a portrait, then you should do it in such stages:

First, take a closer look at the model. Describe her view, emotions. Maybe she has peace of mind or there is a whirlwind of energy. If a portrait of a lady from a high society was portrayed in the portrait, then try to guess her mood: is she happy with her position and her life. Pay attention to clothes and toilet items. Emphasize that the artist beautifully painted soft velvet or flowing silk. If the portrait depicts a cultural figure or a historical person, then recall something from his biography. Of course, do not overload the facts of history with your work, but several of them will add a twist to the description.

Composition on historical paintings

How to write an essay on a painting that was devoted to the battle scenes of history or

just historical moments?

Here the search for information is simply necessary. To write such a picture is easier than the rest of the genre: there is a bright story line, background, and also it is known what happened next. Pay attention when writing essays to imperceptible things. For a while, digress from the meaning of the picture and try to decide what interests you, and what leaves indifferent in this work of art. Write a few phrases-reasoning about why, in your opinion, the artist chose this theme for his painting, what he wanted to convey this.

Now you know how to write an essay on paintings. Creative approach will help you with this. Approach this business with enthusiasm – then you will succeed!

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How to write an essay on the picture?