Painting by Vasiliev “The swamp in the forest., Autumn”

In the winter of 1870 the artist caught a severe cold, and he had a severe lung disease. With the onset of spring, the illness worsened and passed into tuberculosis.

Being on treatment in the Crimea, he yearns north. Real for the artist in the final period of creativity is the return to work on Russian themes, more often mentioned by him in letters under the common names “large swamp” and “swamp small”.

“In the present case, I want to portray the morning over a swampy place,” he writes to Kramskoy on December 27, 1871. “(However, do not think that this is a real swamp – no, the present is ahead, and this is only preparation.) Oh swamp, swamp If you knew how painfully the heart contracts from a heavy premonition, Well, if I can not again breathe this happiness, this life-giving force waking up over the smoking water in the morning? After all, everyone will take me, if they take it. artist, I will lose more than half! “


writes “Wet Meadow”. Then follow other landscapes in which he tries to reproduce his vision of the “real swamp”. The last work, indirectly related to the theme of the dawn over the swamp, was obviously Vasiliev’s unfinished picture “The swamp in the forest, Autumn,” about which he did not report in detail in any letter. The landscape depicts an autumn forest in all the brightness of the reddish-orange color of autumn leaves. And by motive, and by a picturesque system, it stands alone among the last landscapes of Vasiliev, although here the foreground is given to a grassy swamp with resting white herons.

With a general unfinished picture, it is difficult to say anything definite about the very painting itself. Its main feature at this stage is a wide letter and the desire to express and preserve in the picture the sound of pure color.

Memories of a distant homeland, aching sadness and forebodings flow through this unpretentious motif: the cloudy sky, contrasting with the lush foliage gold and echoing with the withered reeds and marshy soil, is pacified by a sense of peace and a subtle, unearthly light of eternity.

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Painting by Vasiliev “The swamp in the forest., Autumn”