Summary “Chestnut” by Chekhov

The idea of ​​creating the work came to AP Chekhov, when the familiar artist told him the case of a dog that got into the circus. The story, which had the original name “In the Academic Society,” is published in 1887. Five years later, in 1892, the work “Chestnut” by Chekhov was published with a different name. The brief content of the story will be discussed in this article.


A young dog, like a fox, goes with his master down the street. From the joy that she was taken with her, she jumps, rushes with bark to the cars, chases the dogs. Luka Alexandrovich is not happy. Suddenly, loud music sounds, and Kashtanka rushes to run. When she came to her senses, the owner had already disappeared from view. The dog’s experience is very deeply described by AP Chekhov. Kashtanka, the content of the internal monologue which can be read in the story, is very upset.

A mysterious stranger

The dog was dozing off for a while

about fatigue. Suddenly a stranger came out. He took pity on the dog and took it with him. Soon Kashtanka was already sitting in a warm room and picking up the pieces of food that the Stranger was throwing at her. In reflections, where is better, at new or at the former owner, the dog falls asleep. She dreams about the old house and the son of Luke Alexandrovich Fedyushka. Chekhov’s sketch (“Kashtanka”) is very ambiguous in this strange dream. The yearning for the past is intertwined with reality.

A new, very pleasant introduction

Waking up, Kashtanka goes to examine a new house. Here she meets an old goose and a white cat. The first hiss, the second arching his back, seeing a new inhabitant. Kashtanka is filled with loud barking. The Stranger appears and puts everyone in order. The dog is given a new name – Aunt.

Miracles in the sieve

The stranger brings a strange little thing and begins to make incomprehensible tricks with the goose. Auntie is delighted and barking loudly. A pig appears and begins to perform “acrobatic” exercises with the cat and goose.

The goose rides it on a pig, then on a cat. Day passes for Aunt imperceptibly, and in the evening she falls asleep in a room with other animals.

Talent! Talent!

So the whole month passes. The new owner decides to teach tricks and Aunt. She is taught to walk on her hind legs, howl to music and ride a pig. All the tricks that the dog learned, and not include in the summary. Kashtanka Chekhova is preparing to become an actress.

Restless night

Auntie dreams unsettling dreams. Suddenly she hears a loud scream of a goose and feels fear. The master comes. He is alarmed by the state of the goose. Suddenly he remembers that Ivan Ivanovich had a horse. The goose dies. Aunt is being attacked by an incomprehensible melancholy. The experience of a small creature can not fit the summary. Kashtanka Chekhova frightened by the sudden death of Ivan Ivanovich.

Unsuccessful debut

The owner decides to take Aunt with him to the circus. The owner wears a wig and a strange robe. The dog is frightened by such reincarnation of the Stranger. The aunt in a suitcase is taken to the stage. She begins to perform familiar tricks. But suddenly she hears the familiar voice of Fedyushka, the son of his former master. She rushes through the partition to Luka Aleksandrovich, and he takes it with him. Such is the brief content (“Kashtanka”, Chekhov AP) of the famous story.

I really like this book the chestnut

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Summary “Chestnut” by Chekhov