How to learn to control yourself

Most of us, unfortunately, are well aware of such feelings as envy, anger, vindictiveness, hatred, and the like. However, it is not a secret that not only those against whom they are targeted suffer from the manifestation of these negative feelings, but above all we ourselves.

Negative feelings are usually harmful not only because they look comical or perceived and evaluated negatively by other people, thereby undermining our authority, but also because they have a bad effect on our health. Therefore, a person who wants to behave properly with people and taking care of their health, must learn to control themselves.

Nevertheless, all this does not mean that you need to restrain your feelings. After all, if you constantly slow down all your internal impulses and experience all the “storms” only “in yourself”, without a single external manifestation, it can also negatively affect your health. In addition, the manifestation of positive emotions and feelings – joy, gratitude, sympathy, love – produces a positive impression on others. Therefore, one should restrain their negative emotions, and positive – give way.

In moments when we are very annoyed, we must remember that excessive nervousness harms our health, that our irritation from the outside may look comical, that excessive excitement will not help to change anything for the better, that in the end, keeping calm, it is easier to solve any question.

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How to learn to control yourself