Take care, people, your planet

I am sure that any person who has heard or read somewhere that in some sea a large oil slick is floating, will think: “What’s the matter for me?” And so the cares are full! ” The same person on a day off goes with his family to the forest – to relax in nature. Leaving, leaves behind a pile of garbage and an unclouded fire. So what? After all, to a huge amount of oil in the sea, he has nothing to do…

The fact that our planet is experiencing an ecological crisis, I, of course, heard. Although, like most people, I did not think about it. Cutting down Forrests? So what? After all, those that are visible from my window, not thinned! Are rivers polluted? I swim in the pool and drink mineral water. Are animals destroyed? And my cat Marquis is alive and well.

Somehow, resting in the summer in the country, I went swimming in the pond – there are no swimming pools in our village. I hardly entered the water, I felt a strong pain in the foot

of my right foot. She climbed ashore and examined her leg. Well, that’s right, something was cut. I limped for several days and thought: “Well, who threw a rusty piece of iron into the water?” Who did it come to this? ” Then I realized that this came to the mind of a man like me. A man who believed that ecology is something that does not concern him. It turns out that everything concerns everyone.

Why do not we pay attention to what is going on around us? Why not save our own “home” – our Earth? Why do not we spare the nature that pities us? Although, of course, there is much talk now about the need to protect and protect the environment. Is it too late? I want to believe that no.

Sometimes it seems to me that the Apocalypse can still come – we ourselves will destroy our planet. No comet, no earthquake and no global warming, and we are people. Someone is led by a greed for profit, someone simply professes the philosophy of “pofigism.” They are trying to do something “green”, but they do not have much.

I understand that all the plants with their smoking pipes can not be stopped, the number of cars with their exhaust fumes can not be reduced. But if everyone at least throws cans of Coca-Cola and sticks of ice cream into the urns, does not leave a pile of rubbish in the forest after a picnic, carefully extinguishes the fire, it will be fine already.

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Take care, people, your planet