Summary of the “Scarlet Flower” Aksakov

A rich merchant is going to set up trade affairs in the far-away kingdom, in the thirtieth state. Before leaving, he asks his three daughters what kind of gifts they should bring. The eldest asked for a golden crown, the middle mirror of crystal, and the youngest – the most beloved – a scarlet flower, which is not beautiful in all the white light.

A merchant travels through overseas countries, buys and sells goods. He found gifts for the elder daughters, and for the youngest can not find. He sees many flowers of scarlet, but no one can guarantee that this flower is not more beautiful in the whole world.

A merchant is going home, and robbers are attacking his caravan. The merchant dropped his goods and ran into the dense forest. A merchant walks through the woods and suddenly sees a palace in silver, gold, stones of semi-precious stones. He went inside, and there decoration everywhere royal, but there is no one. Only the merchant thought about the food, as a

dressed-dismantled table appeared before him. The merchant wants to thank the owner for bread and salt, but there is nobody.

The merchant retired, slept, decided to walk around the garden. And in that garden flowers blossom beautiful, birds fly unseen and songs sing paradise. Suddenly he sees a merchant of a floral scarlet, a beauty unseen. The merchant smashed the flower, at the same moment the lightning flashed, thunder struck, and the beast appeared before the merchant not a beast, a man is not a man, a monster terrible and shaggy. The monster glowed at the merchant. How did he thank for the hospitality, tore off his little flower, the only joy in his life! The merchant fell on his knees, he began to ask forgiveness, he did not want to be ungrateful, he wanted to bring his beloved daughter. I dismissed the monster of a merchant, but with the condition that the merchant would send one of his daughters instead of himself. The girl will live in honor and freedom, but no one will want, so let him come back. The monster gave the merchant a ring: who would put it on the right little finger,

The merchant put on

his ring and found himself at home, and caravans with goods entered the gates. The merchant told his daughters about the beast. Older daughters refused to help their father, only younger, beloved, agreed. She took a little floret, put a ring on the little finger, and found herself in the palace of the monster.

The girl is walking around the palace chambers, the green garden, she can not marvel at the miracle of the miracle. And on the walls of the inscription appear fiery – this monster is talking to the girl.

And the maiden lives in the palace every day trying on new outfits, such that they do not have prices, every day treats and excellent fun different, but mostly it is talking with the owner. He writes on the wall inscriptions of fire.

The maiden wanted to hear the maid’s voice. She began to pray him, asking him to talk to her. The monster did not agree, he was afraid to scare the girl with her terrible voice, but the girl begged him. Frightened at first the virgin of a voice terrible, zychnogo, but he listened to his words affectionate, intelligent speeches, and it became light in her heart. And they talk all day long.

I wanted to see my master soon. For a long time the monster did not agree to appear, everyone was afraid that she would be frightened of his nasty, ugly. Persuaded all the same the girl. It seemed to her a forest beast. As his beautiful woman saw, she screamed in fearful voice, fainted. But she cope with her fear, and they began spending time together.

It was evident in a dream that the girl was unwell. She asked the monster permission to visit the house native. He let her beast go home, but warned that if she did not come back in three days and three nights, he would die of mortal grief, because he loved her more than himself.

The virgin swore that she would return in three days and three nights, put on the gold ring on the little finger and found herself in her own home. Her father was unwell, she missed her beloved daughter. She told the girl how she lives in the palace of the monster, the merchant rejoiced over his daughter, and her sisters became envious.

It’s time to return to the girl as a monster. They persuade her sisters to stay, the girl does not submit to persuasion, she can not betray the beast of the forest. The father praised her for such speeches, and her sisters envied all the hours in the house for an hour ago.

The real hour has come, the heart of the girl’s cheeks, she looks at her watch, and it’s too early to return. She could not stand it, put a ring on the little finger and found herself in the palace of a monster. Do not meet her monster. She walks the palace, calls the master – there is no answer. And in the garden and birds do not sing, and fountains do not hit. And on the hill where the little flower grows, lies the beast of the forest, lifeless. The girl ran up to him, hugged his head ugly, disgusting and screamed in a heart-rending voice: “Get up, wake up, my dear friend, I love you as the bridegroom of the desired!”.

The earth shook, lightning flashed, thunder struck and the girl fell into a swoon. When she wakes up, she sees herself in a white marble chamber on the throne, around the retinue on her knees and the father and sisters. And next to her, the prince sits, handsome man written.

“You fell in love with me, as a monster, so love now in the image of a human.” The wicked witch was angry with my powerful king, she kidnapped me and turned me into a monster, she put a curse on me being a monster until a damsel in love with me You have fallen in love with me, for my good soul, so be my wife. “

The retinue bowed, and the merchant gave the daughter her blessing for legal marriage.

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Summary of the “Scarlet Flower” Aksakov