My Favorite Flower

My favorite flower I would call a tulip. He is spring. and usually tulips rush to grow by March 8. Papa often gives tulips to her mother for this holiday. But I do not like the tulip for that. Just the flower is very fragile and so tender that it captures the spirit.

Tulip reminds me of a beautiful young girl. It’s because of the harmony of the flower, I guess. Tulips just as modestly bow their heads, yet have not dismissed. The bud of a tulip on a flexible straight stem is a real work of art. Their petals are so tender, as if made of silk or some other magical fabric. You touch them – and you are afraid to mash.

Tulips are found in a variety of colors. The most common are the red ones, and inside is a yellow cup with pollen in a black frame. Such tulips grow, for example, in the garden of my grandparents. And still there are tulips gently pink, yellow, white, spotted, with fringe and without it, and even scarlet, purple! What sorts of tulips do not exist! The flower growers brought out even black tulips, they are simply handsome.

What to say, because there are also tulips with various patterns, color divorce and other ornaments. Often there are tulips that glisten glossy, as if lacquered. I dream in the future to go to Amsterdam, to Holland. This country is the realm of various tulips of all sorts. I can imagine how much beauty there, how many interesting things you can see there.

Very beautiful tulips, when they blossom. And the most wonderful tulips, which I have ever seen, grew on the flower bed near the theater. They were a rare variety. These tulips had a gently pink color, even white and pink, such a gentle shade. And through the finest petals the sun shone through. On the lawn grass of the flowerbeds, these tulips looked just divine.

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My Favorite Flower