Biography Aksakov Sergey Timofeevich

Biography Aksakov Sergey Timofeevich

(1791 – 1859)

Aksakov Sergey Timofeevich (1791 – 1859), the prose writer. He was born on September 20 (October 1, 2006) in Ufa in a noble family of noble family. He spent his childhood in the estate of Novo-Aksakov and in Ufa, where his father served as the prosecutor of the Upper Zemsky court. In 1816 he married O. Zaplatin and left for his family estate Novo-Aksakovo. The Aksakovs had ten children whose upbringing was given exceptional attention.
He studied at the Kazan Gymnasium, and in 1805 was admitted to the newly opened Kazan University. Here Aksakov’s interest in literature, theater; he began to write poetry, successfully performed in student performances. After graduating from university, he moved to St. Petersburg, where he served as an interpreter

in the Commission for drafting laws. However, he was more interested in the artistic, literary and theatrical life of the capital. She gets a wide circle of acquaintances.

In 1826 the Aksakovs moved to Moscow. In 1827 – 32 Aksakov served as a censor, from 1833 to 1838 served as an inspector of the Constantine boundary school, and then the first director of the Landed Institute. But he still focused on literary and theatrical activities. The essay “Buran”, published in 1834, became the prologue to the future autobiographical and natural works of Aksakov. At this time, he actively acts as a literary and theater critic.
Aksakov’s house and the Abramtsevo estate near Moscow are becoming a kind of cultural center where writers and actors, journalists and critics, historians and philosophers meet.
In 1847 he published “Notes on the Fishing of Fish”, which had great success. In 1849 came out “Notes of the Gun Hunter,” in which the author showed himself as a heartfelt poet of Russian nature. In the fifties, Aksakov’s health deteriorated sharply, blindness was coming, but he continued to work. Especially popular were his autobiographical books – The Family Chronicle (1856) and The Childhood of Bagrov the Grandson (1858), written on the basis of childhood memories and family legends.
In the last years of his life, such memoirs as “Literary and Theatrical Memoirs”, “Meetings with Martinists” were created.
Aksakov died on April 30 (May 12, current) in 1859 in Moscow.
A short biography from the book: Russian writers and poets. A short biographical dictionary.

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Biography Aksakov Sergey Timofeevich