Summary “Tsvetik Semitsvetik” Kataev

In 1940, a famous fairy tale by V. Kataev appeared, “Tsvetik-Semitsvetik”, a brief summary for which the reader’s diary is offered to read. It’s about how the usual girl Zhenya had to make a difficult choice: to wish for something for herself or to help another person.

Harmful dog

One day my mother sent Zhenya to the store for bread. The girl came back with a purchase and kept staring around. She came to her senses only when she felt that the steering-gear had become too light. As it turned out, another dog joined Zhenya. Now she finished the last lump. The girl got angry and decided to catch up with the harmful animal. However, she ran for so long that she suddenly found herself among small houses. The girl and the dog lost, and she lost her way. So the fairy tale “Tsvetik-semitsvetik” begins.

Brief conversation with the old woman

Zhenya cried with fear and vexation. Suddenly an old woman came up to her and began to

calm her. She led the girl to her garden and showed an amazing flower. There were seven transparent petals on it and all different ones, Kataev notes. Tsvetik-semitsvetik (the summary of its description reminds a rainbow) the old woman has broken and has extended to the Wife with words: “You the girl good, only like to yawn on the parties. And this tsvetik-semitsvetik will help you”. Also has explained, that it not idle time, as can fulfill any desire. And then she told the girl the coveted words to be spoken, tearing off the petal.

The first desire

Zhenya thanked the old woman and left the kindergarten. And then she remembered that she had lost her way. She wanted to ask the old woman to show her the way, but neither the kindergarten nor his mistress was gone. And the girl decided to check the flower-semitsvetik. The summary of what she did next is understandable. Zhenya tore off the first petal and… immediately found herself at home with the steering-wheel. “This is really a wonderful flower,” the girl concluded.

Five petals as if nothing happened

Zhenya decided

that the favorite mother’s vase would be suitable for such a flower. But when the girl took it from the top shelf, again distracted. And now the vase fell to the floor and broke into many fragments. Zhenya heard my mother’s voice from the next room and hastily tore off the second petal. For a moment – and the vase was already at its usual place, and the girl went for a walk in the yard. Here she thoughtlessly used four more petals, adorned with a wonderful flower-seven-flower. The summary of her desires is as follows.

First, Zhenya wanted to play with the boys in the North Pole. But they refused her, and she, thanks to the flower, actually found herself next to the polar bears. Frightened and cold, the girl hurried home. So two petals disappeared.

Then Zhenya ran to the girls who had different beautiful toys. Envy and the desire to receive them led to the fact that one more petal diminished flower-semicolour. A brief summary of what happened next: toys were sent from all over the country to Zhenya, stopping traffic in the whole city. Hiding or getting rid of them was impossible, so Genie had to use the penultimate petal. Suddenly, Gen. came up with the idea: “Six petals was spent, and no pleasure.” She decided that the last wish should be taken more closely. Also began to think, what such unusual order (continues V. Kataev “Tsvetik-semitsvetik”). The brief content of the thoughts that visited the heroine at this moment is as follows: sweets and other sweets, bicycles, tickets for circus or cinema, sandalettes. But nothing seemed to her really useful. The sweets will end quickly, the boys will be taken off the bike. Yes, and from the movie with sandals, there is little use.

Unexpected acquaintance

And at this moment Zhenya saw on the bench a boy with cheerful but quiet eyes. The girl invited him to play catch, but Vitya replied that he was lame. Indeed, the shoe on his leg was with a rather thick sole. “What a pity,” – said the heroine. And the boy added that this is for life and nothing can be changed. “Oh, what trifles!” said Zhenya and pulled out her seven-flower flower.

The summary of the fairy tale ends with the heroine carefully tearing the seventh petal, with a happy voice said treasured words and added: “Veli, that Vitya was healthy!” At the same time, the children began to play cheerfully at the lambs, and the boy ran so well that Zhenya, no matter how hard she tried, could not catch up with him.

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Summary “Tsvetik Semitsvetik” Kataev