“The Tale of Tsar Berendey” by Zhukovsky in brief

“The Tale of Tsar Berendey” by Zhukovsky in brief

Once upon a time there was Tsar Berendey, he was married for three years, but there were no children. The Tsar somehow inspected his state, said goodbye to the queen and spent eight months in absence. The ninth month was running out when he approached the capital and decided to rest. I wanted to drink, I went along the field and saw a well. The ladle floats on the surface. King Berendey hastened for the scoop-the ladle from the hand. I decided that I would get drunk without it. He began to drink simply because he was seized by his beard. The voice demanded that the king, but what he does not know. Agreed. Arriving in the capital, I learned that he had a son.

The prince grew up. King Berendey had already forgotten about the arrangement. Once the prince drove into the thick thicket.

Suddenly there was a rustling in the hollow; a wonderful old man with a green beard emerges from there. He said to tell Berendey that it’s time to give back.

Ivan told his father. King Berendey turned pale. Berendey has told everything. Ivan went.

The day, the second and the third are on; at the end of the fourth drive up to the lake; sees thirty crested gray ducks near the shore swimming; next to thirty white shirts. Crawled and took one of the white shirts. Ducks got out, turned into girls, dressed and flew away. There was only one left. Asked to return, for this will serve him. She is the daughter of Koshchei the immortal, Marya the princess. Only thirty daughters. I advised, as soon as I saw Koshchei the Tsar, to fall on my knees and crawl.

Descended into the underworld. Koschei sits on the throne in a bright crown; Ivan knelt and crawled. It became Koschey funny. He said that Ivan should serve three services. The prince went to bed. The next day Koschey called Ivan the Tsarevich, he said to build the palace for the night: that the roof was golden, the walls of marble, the windows of crystal, around the regular garden, and in the garden of ponds with crucian carp.

He returned to his place, the brilliant bee flew to the window, let her in, she turned to Marya Tsarevna. She told me to go to bed, and

tomorrow it’s more difficult to get up; the palace will be built.

The next task: to choose from the thirty daughters of the younger, Mary Princess. The princess said that she had a Moshka on her cheek. I chose correctly.

The third task: while the straw is burning, sew a pair of boots with a rim. We decided to flee with Marya. They sent the chase. Marya became a river, Ivan – an iron bridge. The pursuit returned. Again he sends them to Koschey. Mary Princess, together with Tsar Ivan the Prince and the dense horse, became a forest. Koschey himself rode in pursuit. She turned to the church, he – in a monk, and the horse – in the bell tower. Koschey rode home.

Let’s go further. Tsarevich wanted to go to the city. The princess warned, she said not to kiss the baby and remained a white stone. But he kissed and forgot everything.

The princess turned the flower, the old man dug it, planted it in the hut. The old man wakes up – in the hut cleaned, at noon the dinner is cooked up. The old woman advised me to get up before dawn and cover my handkerchief with something that would move. And so did Marya. The old man said that Ivan was getting married. I went to the town as a peasant. I baked pie for Ivan. Ivan cut off the top, there were two pigeons, one said that the other did not run away, or else forget how Ivan forgot Marya-princess. I remembered everything, they went further with Marya. We arrived, the tsar and the tsarina received them with merriment. The wedding was played.

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“The Tale of Tsar Berendey” by Zhukovsky in brief