Sport in our life

What role does sport play in human life? Throughout the world, people see it differently. Some are very cool about sports and some even consider it a waste of time. Other people see the meaning of the sport and, fortunately, more than the first. And each of them can have a different attitude to the sport: someone prefers to watch it on TV, someone prefers to just engage in some kind of sport or general physical training, well, for some people, sport is a means of existence. Among the latter there can be active athletes, coaches, doctors, directors of various sports societies, sports trustees, and others.

And each of them contributes to the development of sport on our planet. Sport has amazing properties. It can unite people, introduce them to each other, in most cases, sports strengthen the health, character and even the mental abilities of people who are engaged in it, develop in them such skills as speed, agility, reaction, coordination, endurance, patience and strength. Sport

makes people more resistant to negative factors of the external environment. He often brings a lot of positive emotions to people, for example, with the victory of a favorite team or when a person achieves some result in it.

I would like to note that it is the occupation of sport at any level that is most beneficial for a person, and for a society. In many respects this is due to the fact that humanity, despite scientific progress, is degrading in itself, of course, while in certain qualities it is growing. Man tries to simplify his life. Physical labor for man ceases to be important in connection with the development of technology. Man gradually loses those qualities, mostly physical, which God has given him. A person, in comparison with his distant ancestors, becomes more decrepit and here, on top of everything else, such temptations as alcohol, tobacco and drugs can very badly affect him. It is highly unsuitable to succumb to these temptations, especially drugs. And in this wonderful role for a person can play a sport, because.

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Sport in our life