Summary of “Nikita” Platonov

Summary of “Nikita” Platonov

The main hero of the story is a little boy Nikita. He is five years old. He lives with his mother, and Nikita’s father is at the front. Mother goes to work every day in the field, and the boy remains at home alone. He’s scared. But my mother punished him to look behind the house, because there is no father, but in the yard all their household. She was surprised that her son was afraid. After all, the sun is shining in the street, people are working in the field.

Nikita walked around the yard. And everywhere he sees people. In the shed there is an empty barrel. Nikita seems that there is someone living there. In the daytime he sleeps, and at night comes out of the barrel, eats and thinks. The boy wanted to see this creature. At that time something was creaking in the barrel.

Nikita was frightened and ran away. He imagined that the creature from the barrel wanted to chase after him.

He looked at the sun, at this moment not covered by clouds. The sun seemed to Nikita dead grandfather, it was affectionate and smiled like a grandfather. The boy decided that his grandfather now lives in the sun. And behind the garden, in the thickets of nettle, was an old well. There lived, according to Nikita, water people, and they wanted to drink his eyes while the boy slept.

Near the well Nikita was also scared, especially when there was something gurgling. Then the boy ran to the house. But the barn stopped. There were two burrows. The kid decided that snakes live in burrows, at night they will crawl out and bite the mother. So he went home, brought bread and laid it by the mink. Fear was everywhere. The old stump seemed to Nikita a man with an angry face, the table – a man without arms. The old bath is like a grandmother. But she, too, was angry, like a stump. The alien cock looked like a spring shepherd drowned in the spring. The wattle stakes also had evil faces. And all these creatures did not like Nikita. Even the cottage seemed to the boy a strange aunt, very angry.

The boy ran into the field to his mother. But it was far away. He ran for a long time, tired, and sat down to rest. The shepherd

met him, said that there was no one in the field, Mom went home. Nikita went back. At home, the mother sat at a table and gazed affectionately at the old soldier who ate bread with milk. It was the father who returned from the war. He took Nikita in his arms. The latter became timid and silent.

In the morning the boy told all the creatures in the yard that his father had returned forever. All around were silent. Nikita found her father in the shed. He examined shovels, axes and other tools. Hearing his son, he asked who he was talking to. The boy told about the terrible and angry creatures in the barrel, in the well and around in the yard.

Father took his son by the hand and went with him around the yard. Nikita saw that thin old sticks had been stuck in the wattle fence, the bath was only a decayed house, and the old stump was rotten, collapsed from one ax blow. Nikita asked his father about why everything was still alive yesterday, but not today. Father explained that everything around and yesterday was dead, just that Nikita has a kind heart, and he wanted to see alive around him. The father told the boy to straighten the old nails. The first of them seemed to the boy a man with a kind face. Father explained that this nail boy himself “worked”, so he is affectionate. He was sure that Nikita was born a kind boy and will remain so for life.

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Summary of “Nikita” Platonov