The composition of a birch

My favorite tree is the birch. This tree is a symbol of Russia. Probably, in all poems, books and songs, a birch tree is compared with a young girl. I think that such a comparison is good. I also think that a thin and white birch is like a girl. It is as flexible, same pure and luminous. Well, mature and old birches are similar to adult women. They are as strong, powerful, as beautiful.

Birch in the spring wakes up from winter sleep one of the first among other trees. It is resistant to frost, so, most likely, it did not hurt the spring frosts, frequent in our country. Her leaves have not yet blossomed, and nutrients, various kinds of sugars accumulated over the past summer, already begin their movement under its bark. They tend to rise to the budding leaves to feed them.

This “feeding” nutritive mass is called birch sap. Foresters who work in the Russian forests and groves in March are already rushing to collect birch sap. And April is also a good time to collect

this valuable product.

Birch sap is of great value: it has medicinal properties, heals diseases. He is drunk with joy and adults and children. But to collect birch sap should be very carefully, carefully, so as not to destroy the tree. Although the birch grows very quickly, it can be depleted by the wrong methods of collecting the juice.

But it is so important to save the beautiful woman, wet nurse and poilitsu birch. After all, she is still going to blossom, put on her famous green “earrings” and again show off until next spring. So to the birch should be treated so that after collecting spring juice, she met many more springs in a row.

Composition on the theme “Birch in the spring” option 2

A little bit of snow came down in the spring, and one of the trees most loved by our people is already awakening to life. It adorns the streets of cities and parks, as well as forests and fields. It grows almost everywhere. It’s a birch tree.

Spring has not yet come in the world, and under the white birch bark juices are already fleeing. A beautiful tree after winter

sleep is preparing for a new season.

First, bright green birch buds swell. Then they open into sticky fragrant leaves. I adore their smell after the smells of winter and dampness – after all it’s a real scent of spring and life! At first these leaves are small and look like hearts. Little by little they become larger and put on a white sapling in fresh green clothes. Then the birch tree decorates itself also with fragrant light green earrings.

There are birches with gray bark, even with black bark. Science says that the species of this tree in the world is about one hundred and forty. But the most beautiful is the white birch. In spring she looks like a thin young girl. A flexible birch tree seems to be dressed in a dazzling white outfit, sometimes with black stripes. And above, and a bright green cloak is thrown. In addition to the elegant costume, this beautiful woman also wears earrings.

Birches in the spring give us, besides enjoying their beauty, another valuable thing. It is birch sap, which is very useful for drinking, especially for children. Lesnichestvo know how to collect this healing drink carefully, so as not to damage the tree once again. But there are “collectors” who do it cruelly, they leave on the tree incisions, like open wounds, from which the juice flows in vain. You can not do this, birch should be protected. And then every spring the beauties in the earrings will delight us with their slim figures, fresh fragrances and, if necessary, a nutritious drink.

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The composition of a birch