Writing about bad habits

There are a lot of bad habits. They have every person. Anyone who says he does not have them, just hides it. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to bad habits is smoking. Men and women, young and old, smoke everywhere. The president and his assistants passed a law banning smoking in playgrounds, stops and other places where there are many people. But adults still smoke. Some high school students also suffer from this harmful habit behind the garages. Perhaps their bad example is shown to them by their relatives and friends. Nobody smokes in my family, not even my grandfather. I will not either.

There is another common bad habit that manifests itself in early childhood and can accompany a person all his life, then disappearing, then again appearing. I’m talking about the habit of gnawing my nails. In my childhood, I also did it. Mom scolded me for it, smeared my nails with some bitter solutions. She disaccustomed me. But sometimes, when I’m very nervous

before an important dictation or control in physics, then I do not notice how I start gnawing my nails. I try not to allow myself this, because I’m a girl and I need to have a beautiful manicure.

Some people interrupt each other, not having listened to the end. Others use unnecessary words in a conversation, like a pancake, in short, this is the most. Mom says that this is due to the fact that they do not read much and they do not have enough vocabulary to express their own thoughts. Some eat a lot at night, or when they are nervous. Even those who swear on the floor, as well as fans of alcoholic beverages. I believe that all these are bad habits, which we must certainly struggle with.

Man is the king of nature, the pinnacle of evolution. He subordinated to himself the natural processes, learned to train lions and tigers. But he can not cope with himself, allowing bad habits to control himself. I think that we need to develop our willpower in ourselves and become independent of all harmful nonsense.

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Writing about bad habits