Composition is my street

I live in a large and spacious private house. We have our own yard, which my father and mother have equipped at will. But, despite this, it is always interesting for me to go out and meet my friends.

So historically, there are children in every house in our street, also my peers. Therefore, when we are all going to walk together, we are about 20 people. Imagine how fun we are. We do not have to be bored.

Our street is long and not very wide and it can offer us a lot of entertainment. On one side is an unfinished and abandoned building. It has a roof and walls. We have equipped this building under its headquarters, fenced it with a fence, put in order. Each of the guys brought something interesting from the house. I was able to take the telescope. We installed it in a convenient place, and every evening we look at the starry sky.

Our dads helped us build a large wooden table, behind which we often have a tea party. Abandoned building from all sides overgrown with large and mighty trees, so they protect us from the wind and intense heat.

Still on our street there is a large playground. Recently, the measures of our city came and opened it, cutting the red ribbon. Oh, how we were all happy. On the new site there are slides and swings, and a variety of twists, on which we can ride until dizzy.

Passing a little farther down the street, we can see a large green massif. This is a garden with fruit trees. We with the guys decided that we will take care of him. And he, in gratitude, brings us great fruits – sweet and juicy pears, apples and plums. There are several trees with peaches. There are many bushes in the garden with grapes. So, this street garden every year feeds us with vitamins and tasty treats.

How I love my street, on which there are so many good people and my faithful friends.

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Composition is my street