Travel of the little prince

Leaving his planet The little prince goes on a journey. “It is necessary to find yourself an occupation and learn anything.” First he visits an asteroid on which the King lives. The king finds out in the little prince of a subject, because for him all people are subjects. For the king, the most important thing is to obey unconditionally. And he commanded the prince to yawn, then do not yawn, then sit, then ask. On the King’s Planet The little prince wondered why power was needed at all and who this king rules, who is completely alone on his planet. Saint Exupery does not deny power, but in the image of the king reminds us that power must be reasonable. “Power first of all should be reasonable. If you lead your people to rush into the sea, he will arrange a revolution,” – the king correctly states. And although the little prince feels sympathy for the king, he becomes bored with the king, who has no one to judge. And he goes further.

On the second

planet, the prince meets an ambitious man. He asks the boy to clap his hands, and he himself bows. Without the recognition that he is the most intelligent, beautiful and rich on this planet, where there is no one else, this person can not live. “Vain people are deaf to everything except praise” – the author writes, ridiculing narrowness of thinking and the selfishness of adults. The little prince perplexes even more and starts off again.

On the next planet lived a drunkard, who drank because he was ashamed. But he was ashamed because he was drinking. And he wanted to forget everything. The little prince went further, confused and perplexed. He sees all the meaninglessness of life, like drunkards, and ambitious, and the king. And their worship is incomprehensible to him ideals.

The fourth planet belonged to a businessman who counts the stars. The little prince began to ask him what he was doing with them and how he owns them. But the businessman had no time to answer questions and he dismissed them, all the time repeating – “I have no time, I am a serious person.” The

author chose the stars as the subject of translation, because he wanted to show how sad not to see the essence in the beautiful, how sad not to enjoy, but to count. “Funny,” thought the Little Prince, “and even poetic, but not so serious.” What is serious and what is not serious is the Little Prince understood in his own way, not at all like the grown-ups. “I have a flower,” he said, “and I water it every morning.” I have three volcanoes, I clean them every week. I clean all three and extinguished too. “Malolo, what can happen.” And to my volcanoes and mine the flower is useful, that I own them. And the stars do not have any good from you. “.

The lantern likes the Little Prince. He lives on a small planet and is only concerned with lighting a lantern. And although his work was ridiculous and he lit without stopping and extinguished no one who needed the flashlight, he was thinking not only about himself. “When he lights a lantern – as if another star or flower is born, and when he extinguishes the lantern – as if a star or a flower are falling asleep.” It’s a good thing. “It’s really useful, because it’s beautiful.”

On the fifth planet, the little prince meets a geographer who asks to tell him about his planet, and then talks about the concept of “ephemeral”. And the little prince begins to miss his rose. The geographer also does not see the beauty of this world, he just writes it down.

After traveling through these wonderful planets and the “monsters” inhabiting them, the Little Prince concludes: “No doubt, adults are a very, very strange people.” He does not call them people. And he never finds friends.

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Travel of the little prince