Once in the Forest

Once in the Forest

My hobby is photo hunting. It’s so exciting! Long walk in the woods – nothing interesting. And suddenly you notice something that captures the spirit. Once on a warm July morning, I was going to “hunt” on my favorite “kinopshchadke” – a small clearing, where there were a lot of cranberries…

And now I’m almost there. Suddenly I see: in the meadow with a cranberry smell in the air is a bear cub. He then suddenly waved his head and poked his nose into the ground, then rolled over from side to side and scratched the ground with his nails. He was obviously catching something and could not catch it.

And suddenly I realized: a bear cat catches his shadow! He saw that something dark moved alongside, rushed to something dark and clenched his teeth. But the shadow is a shadow.

Even an old bear does not really believe in his eyes. Here is the bear cub: the sniff is smelling – it does not smell. Leans to the ground

– Do not rustle. Tap with his paw – he does not give change.

He strode off the bear cub, and the shadow behind him. We must sit down, think about it slowly. He began to crouch slowly on the back. Habits

– came across a sharp knot! I jumped, but I can not look back: the shadow in front of my nose also jumped. The wool on the little withers stood upright. He backed up and ran into the branch again!

The bear cub barked and, like a hare, jumped into the bushes.

That ended my “hunt”. And as a memory of a good day left photos. I pasted it into the album and signed it as follows: “The bear cub catches his shadow.”

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Once in the Forest