Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is a great French emperor, commander, statesman.

Napoleon’s education was received at the Otien College, then at the Brienne Cadet School.

In the biography of Napoleon, military service began as a junior lieutenant in 1785. In 1793 he became a battalion commander, then chief of artillery. After the brilliant campaign of Napoleon on Toulon, he was awarded the rank of general.

As a result of the political crisis in Paris, Napoleon managed to seize power. He announced the consular regime, adopted a constitution on the plebiscite, appropriated for himself lifelong powers and proclaimed himself emperor. The personality of Napoleon is unusually strong, charismatic, which helped him to consolidate power in his hands.

The country had Napoleon’s code – the civil code, designed to ensure the preservation of rights for the population. During the Napoleonic era, many reforms and innovations were carried out.

Military campaigns in the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte took place almost throughout Europe. The conquests carried out by Napoleon were in the following campaigns: Italian, Egyptian, Austrian, Prussian, Polish, Spanish-Portuguese, Russian, Saxon, Belgian. In the Russian campaign, Napoleon was defeated, after which he abdicated.

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Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte