Composition on “Classical Music”

For me, classical music is the highest degree of art. Not so often it can be heard on the waves of modern radio, although there are special programs where this music sounds. But still pop music is more often given to the general listener.

Classical music is the tenderness and sadness of meditations, it is the confession of a suffering person. The noise of the spring brooks is heard in Tchaikovsky’s “Snowdrop”. Together with Mussorgsky you can stroll through the art gallery – “Pictures from the exhibition” seem to accompany us from one painting to another, creating additional impressions.

But I especially like Strauss’s music. The composer wrote many operettas, but the waltz was his element. “Vienna Waltz”, “Blue Danube” did not immediately gain recognition among contemporaries, but without these works I can not imagine real, joyful classical music. Strauss’s music fills a person with the feeling of a holiday of life. Strauss wrote music and at home, both on the road, and during a friendly revelry and suddenly woke up at night. If nothing was at hand, he would record music on cuffs or on a pillow.

Vienna – the hometown of the musician – always listened with reverence to his works, which he liked to perform in cafes, in parks.

Someone from the classics said: “Music makes our souls sparkle.” And it’s hard not to agree with this. Music, especially classical, makes us more exalted, nobler and wiser.

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Composition on “Classical Music”