Seamstress is my future profession

In recent years, girls have almost disappeared interest in needlework, sewing. It’s a pity! It is so wonderful and interesting to sew beautiful, comfortable and modern clothes for people. And this clothes turns out to be individual, special, if the master sews it to you, because it is sewn to order in a single copy. That’s why I really want to become a seamstress. I also have a good example – my aunt Valya, my mother’s sister. She is a very good seamstress-individual, sews women’s dresses at home. Aunt always has orders, which means that there is always a salary. It is free in the sense of its working time, and this is also an important factor for me in choosing a future profession. I want to dispose of my time on my own!

To become a master seamstress, you need to learn a lot: you need to master various tools and technical devices, you need to be a designer and a fashion designer to some extent, make patterns, understand them, and imagine what clothes will look like. You need to be able to hide the shortcomings of the figure of your clients with the help of clothes. It is this skill that makes a seamstress popular, and she starts to earn well.

Seamstress should be well versed in materials: in countless fabrics, threads, accessories, buttons, zippers and so on – to infinity.

A seamstress should have a creative imagination. Her dresses and other clothes should look as if they were sewn to order from famous fashion designers – Zaitsev or Yudashkin. Only their clothes are too exotic and designed mainly for walks on the catwalk, and I will try to sew such clothes in which it will be possible to appear both in the street, in the restaurant, and at the party!

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Seamstress is my future profession