Atlantic Ocean

1. What impact on the nature of the Atlantic Ocean is its geographical location and size?

The meridional extent of the Atlantic Ocean determines the difference in its nature in latitude. The north of the ocean is strongly influenced by the Arctic, and the south by the Antarctic; the ocean lies in almost all climatic zones. Differences in longitude are not so great, because, unlike the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic is much narrower. The sea currents, especially the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic, have a strong influence on the nature and climate of the ocean coasts.

2. Select in the ocean natural complexes in which latitudinal zonality is manifested, and complexes formed under the influence of land. Explain their features.

Separate natural complexes in the ocean can be identified, taking as a basis the boundary of the climatic zones. The seas of the Atlantic Ocean are separated into separate natural complexes, the most interesting of which is the natural complex of the Sargasso Sea.

3. What parts of the Atlantic Ocean are particularly polluted? Why?

Pollution of the Atlantic waters is facilitated by economic activity. The degree of pollution depends on the intensity of the use of natural resources of the ocean. The most polluted coastal waters of the ocean. Strong water pollution is observed in the areas through which the sea transport routes pass.

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Atlantic Ocean