Composition on the theme “Human memory”

The problem raised in the text is undoubtedly very interesting. The author solves it on the example of an old man who came to see his native places, where he lived for a long time. Now there is a field here, a small fish river Sisiava, and there is nothing like that there used to be a village here: children ran, beautiful houses stood, apples grew. All this beauty, warming the soul, remained only in the consciousness of the grandfather, who yearns and cries over the lost land. And this is how life is: there is a new, and something irrevocably remains in the past. And is it possible to influence eternity? No, in our power only to save the memory of the past years, events, people, with whom fate brought us together.

The position of the publicist is this: everything in the world is transitory, and only thanks to memory we have the opportunity to know our past and “do not let the cold winds of eternity extinguish it.”

It is impossible not to agree with this statement,

since it is the duty of every person to know what happened to our Fatherland, the people, who is not indifferent to his fate and the fate of people close to him.

The play by A. P. Chekhov “The Cherry Orchard”. Yasha, one of her heroes, a young lackey is a boor, ignorant, but very pleased with herself, worshiping everything foreign, does not want to communicate with her mother… Yasha is a living embodiment of unconsciousness, therefore, both himself and his life are useless, is stupid, meaningless, there is nothing moral or spiritual in it.

Another example, immediately recalled to me when reading the text, V. Rasputin’s story “Farewell to the Mother.” Daria, one of the main characters, a brave, strong-willed woman. She lovingly, carefully takes care of what remains of her past – home and native graves. They are symbols of memory for her. The heroine tries to keep them and the moment when they are ruined by strangers, and then, when the island must forever go under the water. But, unfortunately, you can not save the graves, but you can say goodbye to those who lived before her, instructed her, who passed away, leaving behind memories. And while this memory is alive, the thread connecting generations will not break.

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Composition on the theme “Human memory”