My city is Saratov

I am proud to live in one of the largest and oldest cities in Russia – in Saratov. It was founded in 1590. My city is located on the right bank of the Volgograd Reservoir. Saratov is one of the industrial centers of Russia, and is also rich in interesting cultural monuments.

I like to walk around the city from time to time and visit the most interesting places. For example, an interesting monument to Chernyshevsky and the building of the Saratov Conservatory located next to it. The German architecture of this building is very unusual and interesting. The facade is just a work of art. Also I really like the Duma building and the monument to Stolypin before it. On the building of the Duma there is a stunning sculptural composition – a young man, a girl and a child between them. More beautiful can only be the view from Sokolova Mountain and the monument to the flying cranes on it. In addition, there is an open-air museum on Sokolova Hill, as exhibits – second world

war machines, tanks and airplanes. In front of the main building of the SSSU there is a very funny sculpture called “poor student”. And in Saratov there are many old churches and temples. For example, the Svyatotroitsky Cathedral, the Temple of Spirits of the Descent and the Church “have quenched my sorrows”.

As a child, parents often took me to a circus named after the Nikitin brothers. And now I sometimes go there my niece. We also sometimes walk to the Gorky Park. It impresses the imagination with its fantastic landscapes. In warm weather, we often walk along the embankment of the astronauts, where the monument to Gagarin is located. In general, Saratov is an incredibly beautiful and interesting city. especially in the summer.

But we do not like our native city at all for its sights – monuments, architecture, museums and squares. Like any person, I love my hometown for the way it is, for no reason. I love its narrow streets, which are always packed in the center with parked cars, cozy cafes and air on the embankment. I love cinemas that visited with friends, playgrounds,

which were still played several years ago. I love snow-capped slides, from which I ride in the sleds in winter and the autumn scarlet sunset, foreshadowing a thunderstorm. I love noisy hypermarkets and even a cloudy gray autumn. And how I love spring in Saratov e – do not convey in words.

My city is the best in the whole world. And I, as a resident of Saratov, are ready to vouch for this.

My hometown. my fortress and my native land – Saratov. Even when I grow up and possibly leave, I will always remember my city. in which I was born, grew up, went out into people. Our city stands on the shore of the Volgograd Reservoir. There are a lot of theaters in the city: opera and ballet, young spectator, conservatory, circus. There are many museums, one of which is the Saratov Art Museum. In Saratov, there are many parks, green spaces, and it is especially beautiful in the summer near the City Hall city a – on Stolypin Square: green lawns, rose bushes and pansies look very beautiful near white-stone buildings. I was not in Saratov e, therefore correct.

My name is Nastia, I was born and live in a wonderful city of Saratov. My city stands on the banks of the beautiful Volga River. We often walk with my mom and dad through the streets and parks. But most of all I like the embankment. When I was still very young and walked with my grandfather along the promenade of the Cosmonauts, I saw the coat of arms of our city. On it are painted three small fishes. I asked my grandfather why he drew so, and he told me an interesting story.
Once upon a time there was a lot of fish in the waters of the great river Volga and it was called “fish – rabies”. So called the herring. It dammed up the whole Volga. Residents began to catch it, and even just to scoop up to the shore and, noticing that it is very fat, stoked fat and from selling it made a lot of money. In gratitude for such a gift, people decided to make their city coat of arms and make up of these fish, placing three fish in a triangle and thus connecting the Oka, Kama and Volga rivers.
So it was or otherwise, but on August 27, 1781, the provincial town of Saratov had a coat of arms with a shield with three sterlets on a blue background.
Here is such an interesting legend about the creation of our city’s coat of arms. It is very interesting for me to learn about my native city and something new. I read books about the history of Saratov. Mom and Dad tell me a lot. So I found out why the place where I live is called “Agafonovka”. It turns out that Agafonovka received its name on behalf of merchant Vasily Yakovlevich Agafonov. The settlement, which was then abroad Saratov, began to be called after him, and his wife Ksenia Nikitichna and the youngest of his three sons Vladimir built a stone church and a parish school in Agafonovka. In memory of his father, his sons built a church in the name of the Annunciation of the Most Pure Bogorod and the parish school (Lyceum No. 2) in the suburbs of Saratov. In the people the church was called Agafon, and by her name soon the whole village began to be called that way. Until now, this village in the Oktyabrsky district of Saratov is called Agafonovka.

For the merits in the city’s landscaping, the city government issued a certificate of Vasily Yakovlevich Agafonov’s erection in “hereditary honorable citizenship.” So Agafonov became hereditary honorary citizen of Saratov.
In our city there are many beautiful places, buildings that store history and legends. And how many wonderful people who lived and worked in the city of Saratov e….

Saratov – my native city
It stands on the bank of a big river.
He is beautiful with his body and soul.
His features are beautiful and light.
He weeps with tears in the spring,
And in the summer he blossoms joyfully.
He burns in the autumn golden,
In the winter of silver he pleases the people.

I love you, my glorious city,
After all, you are my native land.
Here every resident became like a brother to me,
And together we are a huge family.

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My city is Saratov