What is the meaning of life for me?

What is the meaning of our life? Have you ever thought about this? That you have the most valuable and most important, what motivates you, gives you the strength to go through life, straightening his shoulders, to your goals and dreams… After all, everyone has something that suggests the exploits of… for the sake of someone or for the sake of something…

Until recently, I did not ask this question. Everyone has his own version of the meaning of life. For all, the meaning of life is different, but there are values ​​that are inherent in everyone who make life meaningful. It can be anything: beloved animals, close, strong experiences and awareness, development of abilities, virtue, creativity in any form and in any form of manifestation, it can be labor, meaningful and inspired, as well as a favorite thing or hobby and a lot of things another. All this fills life with bright colors.. all experiences and emotions make life brighter, and loved ones create coziness

and harmony in your life.

All people should have something that motivates them, which gives them a full-fledged, colorful, full of life smiles, because a person without goals can not know what he wants, and subsequently he can not give an answer, even to himself, what is really the meaning of life for him. Life consists of small things, and if you know what is the essence of your existence, then every day lived is not in vain, it is plus one more day of happiness.

Personally for me in life, the most important is not career and diploma, not power or money, but just the most genuine and sincere relationship! I believe that everyone can not do without relatives, and I agree with what Leo Tolstoy said. “I am sure that the meaning of life for each of us is to grow in love.”

There is a second value for me, which stands at the level with the relationships in my life – this is creativity. Without it, people can not decorate their lives, and it flows day by day, these, so to speak, “uncreative” people routinely absorb and do not give the opportunity to get out of their small and self-contained horizons. Creative people are always very emotional and receptive, although some of them do not show it out, but inside the whole universe can hide. Creativity allows a person to express himself and his attitude to the perception of the world, which is very important for me.

These two values ​​are my life’s meaning!

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What is the meaning of life for me?