Hasten to do good deeds

To be kind, to do good deeds, to help people-all this has been taught us since childhood, everyone knows how to act properly, and very few follow these rules.

People often think only of themselves and do not want to help others just like that, without any benefit. Seeking money, wealth or making a career it is difficult to be kind to others, so it seems that they are surrounded by enemies, and no one is in a hurry to establish relations first.

Why, then, do good? Doing good deeds unselfishly, we help someone improve their lives, which means that we change the whole world as a whole. The person himself changes internally, he becomes better, cleaner and not only helps others, but also corrects his life. You can not postpone good deeds for later, or think that you now do not have the opportunity to help, everyone can help another and change the world a little. Hurry to do good – after passing by, you can not go back and help.

Most often people justify themselves by the lack of opportunity and money, and their anger and bad attitude towards people – failures and difficulties: “here if I had a million, and so I can or I and everything is bad: hard work, a small salary, where will I help? ” But good – it’s not hundreds of thousands spent or helping the entire population of the world – help those who are close to you and then on earth will not remain unhappy. How much is a good word and sincere participation for us and how rarely we get it. It is not necessary to try to help everyone, but caring for your loved ones, participation and sympathy for friends, small services to friends and unselfish help to strangers – this will already greatly change your world.

Hurry to do good today, because tomorrow you can not manage to help and lose loved ones and relatives, do not get loyal friends, push out good people and turn into an old man who does not care about everyone and is burdened by his life.

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Hasten to do good deeds