My brother’s composition

A tremendous role in my upbringing and character development was played by my brother, whose composition is being proposed for reading. My elder brother taught me honesty and courage, diligence and responsibility for my actions, tolerance in relations with others and respectful perception of nature. I’m immensely proud of my big brother and I want to grow up as a worthy person.

My brother is older than me for ten years, so in my early childhood I perceived him as a dad. He was always there and was watching me tirelessly. My brother taught me how to love a book. every evening reading aloud tales or incredible adventures of the brave heroes of children’s writers.

When I went to school, my brother was already finishing it and, I remember, I was terribly proud of him and of the communication with his school friends. My lessons ended early, so I stayed in his class, sat at the last desk and did my homework. Girls high school students always treated me with something

delicious, and my brother took me to the school cafeteria for lunch.

I really liked the way home from school. It was a great time of our communication and interconnection. I asked questions, sometimes very stupid, but my brother always tried to answer them, or suggested to think together, so that I developed my thinking.

Twice a week my brother and I went to a sports school, where he was engaged in basketball, and I, sitting on the spectator tribune, desperately suffered for his team in competitions and tournaments. Of course, my favorite sport was basketball, and my brother, after his training, always dealt with me, teaching the basics of the game or interesting tricks with the ball.

My brother was very anxious about our mother. He did not allow her to work hard or get nervous because of our misconduct. In all my tricks, he understood himself and, even, went instead of mother to parents’ meetings. I saw that my mother was very proud of him before his friends and colleagues, and so he tried to be a worthy son too.

My brother had a wonderful hobby – cooking. He liked to get up early

on Sundays and surprise us with his mother with an exotic breakfast or fresh pastries.

But his choice of the future profession was connected with navigation. My brother from childhood dreamed of the sea and distant wanderings, so after graduation I went to study in the nautical school.

Today I am the main support and protection in the family. My mother and I try to support each other in everything, and we always look forward to the return of our beloved brother and son to our home port.

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My brother’s composition