My favorite subject is the physical composition

Physical education is my favorite subject in school. Since the junior classes I had a special attitude to physical culture. I was looking forward to the physical education lesson. As a child, I was not aware of the reasons for this attitude. Simply in this lesson, you do not need to sit silently and sit still at the desk, write for a long time and listen to not always understandable explanations of the teacher, for example. mathematics. In physical education classes, it takes quite another thing – running, jumping, somersaulting, and sometimes even crawling! As a teenager, I began to realize that physical culture is aimed at strengthening human health, developing its physical abilities. Lack of movement can have a bad effect on health. the posture deteriorates, eyesight deteriorates, you can become physically weak. In physical education, we get the opportunity to improve: we run, play ball, jump in length. If the street is warm, physical education lessons are held in the courtyard,

in the open air. It’s so interesting. We were always upset if, for some reason, physical education lessons were not conducted.

Our physical education teacher was very cheerful, kind, but very demanding person. Despite his venerable age, he always participated in various competitions, was awarded with diplomas. Always supported us. Thanks to him, as well as to my idol athletes, I managed to develop my physical qualities.

After growing up, I began to select a set of exercises for the development of flexibility and muscle strength, which I do every day. How nice to move, how great to feel the muscle tension and fatigue at the end of training. In addition, I uploaded music on the Internet for jogs and every day I jogged for long distances. In order to do the exercises, I built a bar in the yard, iron bars, brought heavy wheels to train the muscles, skipped a hundred times on the rope. All these independent exercises helped me a lot in physical education classes. In addition, I went to the section of free and national struggle. Skills received in the lessons of physical education, and helped here. Forever I remember the words “The easy way will not lead to success.” They became my guide to life.

Physical education is very cool! Physical education is a sport. Sport helps a person to become healthy and strong.

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My favorite subject is the physical composition