Writing what is life

What is life? How to live it right? What do you need to do in time for which each of us is destined from above? For each person there are own answers to these and other questions.

Here, for example, what is life for some personalities? For some, real life is a permanent journey, after which there are the brightest and colorful memories, luxury yachts, luxury homes, social events, constant hangouts in nightclubs and just a rich life where people do not refuse anything and do not even try understand people living differently. Others, represent the real life and adhere to it completely differently. For them – it’s a big, strong and friendly family, where they understand and respect each other, adhere to the opinion and advice of other family members. This is the life in which everyone is healthy, happy and rich in soul.

For them, real life is the happiness and well-being of every member of the family. The life that most of the world’s population lives on.

On the answer, as it is necessary to live a life correctly, also there are answers. For example, some believe that the more you have earned money and universal recognition, it is already right, while others in turn protest and repeat the opposite. If you think about the question of what you need to do in life, then in this plan everyone has their own answers and views again.

Some are simply convinced that in their lives it is necessary to have time to build a career, win universal respect and love, achieve a high status and devote themselves to careers and prosperity. But is this a real life, to which a man is worthy. Of course, no one says that you need to live with folded hands and wait for a miracle. But for most people, these are the only goals. But for most people this is not the most important and most important. Yes, a career is very good, but what is it all about if you do not have a family? For whom then to live and earn fortunes? Life does not pass in one day, it must be lived with dignity. Many people drink and lead a rather unruly lifestyle.

And do they think about the purpose for which they came

to this world at all? What exactly did they have to do, and what mission to commit? Of course not. Such people do not think about something high and sincere. But why then live at all? Nobody is to say that life is an easy thing, but you have to live it worthy. Worthy of the man who came into this world. As the saying goes: “Life is not a field to go through.” On the way there is everything: disappointment, grief, misfortune, separation. But behind every black stripe always comes white and then a person has happy eyes, a sincere smile, because he is happy, in love, grateful. Life is a book that needs to be read very carefully, page by page, line by line. Life is a chessboard, it has black and white squares.

Having made the wrong step, you can be on black, having acted correctly – to be on white. Always like this. This is life. Full of improbabilities, random events and big puzzles.

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Writing what is life