“The family of my dreams” composition

Family is the most valuable thing in life. There comes a time when everyone thinks about what it will be like. Each of us, as a child, playing with his mother’s daughters, paints this model. I want to talk about how I see my future family.

I dream of a big family. I am sure that I will find on the path of life such a man who will share my desires. I’m ready to become a faithful and wise wife, to share with him all the joys of sadness. To be one with him, one soul. After all, this must be a real woman. Mutual understanding and respect are the foundation of a strong and happy family.

And I want a lot of children, because children are such happiness! I want to know that my love has a continuation. And the embodiment of this continuation is a small copy of a beloved person. I’ll prepare breakfast for them in the morning. Probably, it’s happiness, to braid daughters pigtails, and boys and beloved man to iron shirts, tie ties.

We will have a spacious

house, and in the dining room there will be a large round table, behind which we will assemble the whole family every day. In the courtyard we will have a swing. And we will have a big dog, who will become not only a guard, but also one more member of the family. I believe that children should be taught to love all living things, to be humane, not to teach them to offend those who can not stand up for themselves. It’s hard work, but I’m sure that I can achieve this. I will be proud of my children!

To us on a visit parents will often come, after all they the most native and close people. They are for me the standard of family life. Not a single year after they have lived in a marriage, they cherish the warmth between the souls of each other.

The family is a close world, which people cherish and cherish. This is a separate state, where their laws reign. I dream of a family in which each of its members would bravely stand up for the defense of this state.
And the family is a huge work. It’s like an anthill in which all work. In my family will be the same. Everyone will work because

of their capabilities, because labor ennobles a person. I will teach the children to absolutely any work, so they will learn to appreciate and respect other people’s work.
Family is the most beautiful thing. It is the world that children will see in the family, and will be transferred to the perception of the outside world. My goal is to teach children to see everything beautiful.
Thoughts about a future family can not be clearly framed, for these are very bright dreams coming from the depths of the soul. But most importantly, what I dream about is a happy family in which harmony, love, respect and trust will reign!

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“The family of my dreams” composition