When a person is able to love

AS Pushkin noted: “Love of all ages is submissive.” To some extent this is true, although no one explains the essence of the concept of “love” to a child, but he loves father and mother, who are for him a whole world. But over time, the concept of love takes on a variety of meanings. We, as before, do not think about the love of our relatives, but are able to feel all the shades of attitude to themselves of other people. The most complex seem to us the relationship of peers, especially the opposite sex.

Boys aged 10-12 years are significantly different from their peers – and not just the body structure. They do not play with dolls, do not particularly think about what to wear, do not whisper and do not burst out laughing at anything. Usually:

    Tease girls, try to push, pull the pigtail. When girls are not around, they start
    a fight without any reason. With all the power knock on the door, shout, run like crazy. Turn everything into a weapon that comes to hand. Compete with everyone they see.
    They talk a lot, often about such trifles, which you should not talk about. Embrace with girlfriends Constantly look into the eyes of the teacher. Retell details of the boring series. All the time they go in packs, even when it comes to visiting the toilet. Sometimes they talk about marriage and whether they will have children.

But this does not mean that boys and girls in the sixth grade are two different planets. The difficulty lies in the fact that the differences between boys and girls lead to the fact that at this age it is difficult for children to find a common language. Therefore, friendship does not always arise between them. To understand each other:

– Do not immediately draw conclusions about the “abnormality” of one of you;

– you need to concentrate more on yourself, your successes and failures;

– Do not take seriously the boyish antics, because they are usually designed for a backlash: if it is not, then the desire to tease will disappear;

– having heard something insulting in your address, try to turn away and say something pleasant to your friend or girlfriend;

– We should strive for friendly, companionable relations, and not for rivalry;

– do not try to look older.

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When a person is able to love