Images of heroes in Russian epics

In the epic heroes are glorified, in the images of which the best qualities of the people and his heroic deeds were embodied. Endowed with a sense of dignity, the heroes defend the honor of their homeland. In each epic they have to solve the main question, to make the main act, on which the destiny of the city or even the whole state depends.

Russian epics include dozens of heroes: these are Ilya Muromets, and Dobrynya Nikitich, and Alyosha Popovich, and Vasily Buslaev, and Sadko the merchant, and Mikhailo Danilovich. The heroes are different in origin, temper, behavior, but all of them express the people’s ideas about how a person should be.

Heroes epic – mighty heroes – embody the best qualities of the people: love of their native land, selfless courage and steadfastness. The most famous among them are Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich. A powerful hero, a peasant son Ilya Muromets, is distinguished by powerful force, fearlessness,

courage and selfless devotion to his native land. Wisdom, nobility of thoughts and actions, foresight and foresight – in Dobrynya Nikitich. The youngest hero – Alyosha Popovich – is brave, cunning and boastful, but in battle he is not inferior to his older brethren.

For the epic are hyperboles – exaggerations that help to show the heroes and their feats brighter.

The strength of the heroes is repeatedly exaggerated: Ilya Muromets easily, like a swan feather, raises a club that weighs 90 poods (this is about 1440 kg), with one wave of his hand, he hurls down hordes of enemies. The great physical force is distinguished by a huge physical strength: they eat and drink as extraordinary creatures, they fight-cut with enemies “do not drink, do not eat”, throw heavy clubs into the skies, “skoki” their heroic horses “fifteen versts”. Of course, this can not be.

Mikula Selyaninovich, a peasant-hero, with one hand easily pulls out of the ground a bipod that the whole squad could not move

Prince Volga. Dobrynya Nikitich plays the harp in Kiev,

and his song is heard in Tsargrad. Bogatyr’s horse Ilya jumps “above the tree standing, slightly below the cloud walking.” The bogatyrs face battles in the battles with countless hordes of enemies who “do not run past the gray wolf in three days”, “do not fly a black crow a day.”

For centuries, the relics of Ilya of Murom were exhibited in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra; scattered in the Rostov woods mounds betrayed for the graves of enemies, beaten by Alyosha Popovich. The most incredible epic episodes of the epic performers gave a very simple explanation: “In the old days, people were not at all like now,” heroes. “

The heroic epic was created on the basis of historical legends, myths, fairy tales, songs and other works of oral folk art. To the heroic epic belong the epics, in which the protagonists are the heroes. As a rule, these are people of the people, simple labor people who are fighting against evil and possess supernatural power.

One of the most famous heroes of many bylinas is Ilya Muromets and Mikula Selyaninovich. With Ilya Murom, we get acquainted in the epic “Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber”. The hero acts as the personification of the national ideal of the defending warrior. He is brave, faithful, incorruptible, possesses superhuman strength. Near the city of Chernigov, past which the path of Ilya Muromets is holding, there are enemy troops (“black powdered blacks”):

So no infantry is walking here,

On a good horse, no one is passing through.

But the hero comes out himself against the “Great Silusha” and wins all. The inhabitants of Chernigov glorify him, they ask him to stay with the voevoda. Ilya Muromets honors the Christian faith, from the epic can be concluded that he is a deeply religious person:

He stood for a morning in Murom,

Hayk dinning to catch up he wanted to go to the dining room

Like Ilya Muromets, Mikula Selyaninovich is a representative of the common people, oratay. In its appearance, the folk idea of ​​beauty is embodied:

And at the oracious curls swing –

As the skaten pearls crumble;

In yelled eyes and the falcon is clear,

And his eyebrows and black sable.

Like Ilya, Mikula is endowed with supernatural power.

The images of the heroes from the Russian epic impressed us. They are courageous people, strong in body and spirit, real heroes.

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Images of heroes in Russian epics