How to treat nature

A well-known correspondent indignantly talks about a concrete life event when, to expand the area of ​​meadows, they decided not to root the forest, but to “poison him from an airplane, and then get upset.” It’s done. It would seem that they saved state money! And what losses nature has suffered! Twenty-seven elks perished, the number of small animals and birds. poisoned by chemical rain, no one thought.

The author’s position is not difficult to determine: “in a case where nature and chemistry converge, we must be guided by Caution, Wisdom, Love for Mother Earth.”

Of course, I agree with the opinion of the author. It is necessary to fight for the preservation of our forests and rivers, fields and mountains, to protect them! This was repeatedly written by Russian classics and publicists.

An example of how to treat nature, gives us the hero of the novel by V. P. Astafiev “Tsar-fish” Akim, whom the author compares

to a persistent northern flower. Mother “gave him brothers and sisters, the tundra and the river, the clear sky, the sun, the flower piercing the earth in the spring, the sounds of the wind, the whiteness of the snow.” And he is grateful to her for that. Akim joyfully gives all the warmth of his heart to those around him: “Children and dogs loved him – a sure sign of the soul open and kindly.” By faith in a better future, the fact that humanity will come to its senses and thereby save itself, this person lives.

On the Internet, on the site “Culture and Society”, in the article “How to treat nature,” it is said that at any time of the year a person can see beautiful and unique pictures of nature. And the green juicy grass, and the snow sparkling in the sun, and the crimson autumn leaf are equally adorable. But in order to preserve all this, it is necessary for every inhabitant of the Earth to make at least a minimum of effort. If you remove all the garbage after your picnic, you will not break living branches, tear rare flowers, you will make your small contribution to the protection of nature.

Thus, I can conclude that a person should be sensitive to nature and cherish all life that surrounds him.

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How to treat nature