Biography of Boris Grachevsky

Biography of Boris Grachevsky

Boris Yuryevich Grachevsky – film director, screenwriter, director of the newsreel “Yeralash”.

Boris was born in the Moscow region on March 18, 1949. In childhood, like most boys, was fond of sports. And successfully engaged in football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and more rare games, for example, handball. Even got a second class in basketball, as well as skiing.

The first education in the biography of Boris Grachevsky was received at the Kaliningrad Mechanical College. During the training he was the captain of the technical school team for basketball, and later became the captain of the Kaliningrad team. After that, Boris Grachevsky began to play in KVN, and the sport gradually fell into the background. After graduating from technical school, I went

to serve in the army.

In the technical school Grachevsky studied rocketeering. And when he realized that he would be engaged in this business all his life, he decided to change his profession. Gradually the fascination with cinematography became more serious. Boris, returning from the army, went to work, at Gorky’s film studio. True, at first he was an ordinary loader. But the talented guy was soon noticed, and he became the administrator of one of the projects. Then Boris entered the VGIK. There he specialized in organizing film production.

In 1974, Grachevsky, and also Alexander Khmelik, the well-known newsreel “Yeralash” was founded. The idea to create a satirical children’s magazine belongs to Alla Surikova. For the filming of sports stories, professional sportsmen and stuntmen are often invited. Children, filming in the “Yeralash”, are very talented. Yeralash has its own theater, a school of models. Very often for filming children are searched right in the schools of Moscow. The shooting of the newsreel itself takes place at the Gorky film studio. At one time, the subjects of the newsreels featured people who later became real stars. For example, GlukoZa, Sasha Golovin, Anna Tsukanova, Anna Nazaryeva, Vlad Topalov, Sergei Lazarev and many others.

Being already well-known, well-established

director and screenwriter, Grachevsky decided to work in a new genre. The film “The Roof” by Boris Grachevsky is a serious film that raises acute questions related to children. “The roof” Boris Grachevsky devoted two years of work. The film features talented actors: Maria Shukshina, Alexander Oleshko, Olga Prokofieva, Alexander Nosik, Larisa Guzeeva and many others. Three girls with their very childless problems associated with parents, are at the end of the story on the edge of the roof. Hence the name “The Roofs” of Grachevsky is taken.

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Biography of Boris Grachevsky