My best friend

We love to bathe and sunbathe with the guys from our yard on a lake located in one of the suburbs. There we go on bicycles. First we go on the highway, then we turn off on the road – a dirt road. We are not in a hurry, we are admiring the surrounding beauty, sometimes we do not have enough time. And when it gets to the right place, we completely forget about time. Lying on the beach after swimming, we tell different stories, we build a castle from sand, listen to tapes.

Once a newcomer joined our company. The family of this boy recently settled in our house and even in our entrance. He, like us, had a bicycle. On Sunday we, as always, went to the lake.

Got there without adventures. With run-up rushed into the water, competed in swimming. The newcomer, his name was Sasha, after bathing, soon went ashore, and we swam for a long time. Blue-eyed from a long stay in the water, we lay down on the sand and began teasing Sasha: “What, are you afraid of water?” The boy said that he can not swim. “In our class, even the girls are swimming!” “I said, feeling the approving looks of my comrades. Sasha said nothing.

We returned the same way back. But on the way, I had trouble: the wheel of a bicycle lowered. The guys, chuckling and already teasing me, drove by, and Sasha stopped. “Let’s help,” he suggested. Well, how could he help, if neither I nor he had a bike cap? “You go,” I answered him, “but I’m on foot, it’s not far from home.” Sasha said: “Let’s go together.” We walked and rolled our bicycles, talked on different topics, but all the way I was not restful that we laughed at Sasha for his inability to swim. But only he did not leave me in trouble.

“I’ll teach you to swim,” I told Sasha, “you’ll still surprise the guys with your skill.” You’re a real friend. “

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My best friend