“Duck Hunting” – a summary

“Duck Hunting” – a summary

The play “Duck Hunt” by Alexander Vampilov takes place in a provincial town. We get acquainted with the main character Viktor Alexandrovich Zilov at the moment when he wakes up from a phone call. Removing the receiver, he hears only silence in response. Outside the window drizzles with rain. Zilov slowly gets up off the bed, probing his jaw, remembering that yesterday he made a scandal. Again the phone rings. And in the tube again silence.

Next, Zilov himself dials a phone number and starts talking with the waiter Dima. The interlocutor is interested in whether they will go hunting, but Victor is at a loss, he is more interested in yesterday’s clash in the restaurant and that’s what he wants to ask about. Most of all he yearns to find out who hit him.

After the conversation, Zilov hears a knock at the front door. It brought a large mourning wreath. The black tape says: Zilov died prematurely from hard work. From such a gloomy joke in his heart, Victor became very sad. He sits down on the sofa and begins to remember the last days, those events that were, but have irrevocably passed.

So, that was the first memory of a young man. Zilov in the Cafe Nezabudka. This is his favorite place. He came there this time during a lunch break with Sayapin. They are joined by the chief Kushak. The reason is significant – buying a new apartment. Zilov does not hide his enthusiasm.

Suddenly, in the cafe appears his mistress Vera. Victor

does not like this neighborhood, the girl puts him in an awkward position, and he asks her to behave naturally and hide their connection. He reminds his friends that on the evening a celebration on the occasion of housewarming is scheduled. Kushak confirms that he will come. Zilov has to invite Vera, who is just waiting for this invitation. She behaves uninhibited and even slightly cheeky. The boss, whose wife is currently resting in the south, nourishes hopes for her account.

In the evening, all the guests are going to a housewarming party. Waiting for the guests to arrive, Victor Galina’s wife is in high spirits, she does not lose hope that everything will be between her and her husband, as before, as when they only tied the knot.

Arriving guests bring a lot of presents to the holiday of the Zilov family, among them – hunting accessories. Duck hunting is the main passion in the life of Viktor Zilov. Of course, do not forget about women. And although he has not yet shot any ducks, the knife, cartridge belt and wooden podsadnye will be useful to him, because he will certainly go on a hunt. True, the wife is sure that the further charges and conversations will not work.

Let us pass to the second memory. Here we see the main character at work, the one that caused the constant boredom, and Victor just sat out the time. The next task for the service was the preparation of information on the modernization of production. Zilov wants to deceive everyone and imagine a realized moment. Sayapin is afraid of exposure. Heroes long decide on this “lip” and yet crank it.

What else is remarkable about this part of the play? In it, Victor reads a letter from his father. The last time the young man saw his parent was four years ago. Father is old and lives in another city. He tells his son about his illness and asks him to come see me, perhaps for the last time. Zilov does not worry about this, he accepts the news indifferently. He does not think about the seriousness of his father’s illness. And he already planned his vacation: he dreams of hunting. And he does not intend to miss such an important event.

During this moment a young girl suddenly appears. Her name is Irina. In the office where Zilov works, she got by accident. The girl was looking for the editorial staff and entered here by mistake. Zilov did not fail to take advantage of this. They have a relationship with Irina.

The third recollection begins with the fact that Zilov returns home only in the morning. The wife does not sleep, but waits for him. Victor habitually begins to lie and wriggle: argues his absence by the fact that a lot of work and what was sent to an unplanned trip. Galina does not believe this: a neighbor saw Zilova in the city and has already told her everything.

Victor attacks his wife, considering it too suspicious. However, she does not intend to endure it any longer. Galina is tired of the constant lies of her husband and wants, at last, to put an end. She even decided on abortion, because she understands that Victor does not need anyone, especially a child. Zilov tries to be outraged by the fact that she alone took this serious decision, but comes out somehow naive and implausible.

Victor understands that he does not manage to calm his wife, then he resorts to another way: he begins to remember how they became close for the first time 6 years ago. Galina, like any girl, could not resist the pleasant memories. But Viktor’s vocabulary is running out. And the charm disappears. Galina begins to cry… sad and disappointed.

And yet the “lime tree” with the porcelain factory opened. Zilov recalls how, one day, at the very end of the working day, an angry boss flashed into their office. He demanded an explanation: what kind of reconstruction is discussed in the brochure? Zilov takes all responsibility in the deed. Sayapin should get an apartment, and Victor fears for him. Coming wife of Sayapin drags Kushak behind him and tries to calm him down. This was a real salvation.

In such a stormy moment, Zilov receives a telegram informing him of his father’s death. Victor is shocked by this news and wants to fly to the funeral urgently. He does not take his wife with him. Before leaving, he goes to his favorite cafe, where he must meet with Irina. Galina brings her husband a cloak and a briefcase and finds him with a new mistress. Zilov has to admit that he is married. The trip is postponed. The funeral of the father is pushed into the background.

Another memory draws a new picture: Galina is going to visit relatives, she will not be a few days. As soon as she leaves the house, Zilov immediately calls Irina and invites her to her. But Victor’s surprise comes back to Galina’s surprise. She announces to her husband that he is leaving him forever. Victor is discouraged, he does not know what to do, he needs to stop his wife. Explaining to her in feelings, he uses all his eloquence, though he is heard by Irina who has come and takes everything at his own expense.

Well, that’s the last memory. And again, the “Forget-Mez” cafe. Victor drinks. The friends he is waiting for are all gone. When they appear, he is already so drunk that he begins to speak frank mucks. He behaves so ugly that soon everyone simply leaves and leaves him alone.

Zilov does not stop here, he calls the waiter, for which he gets on the face and loses consciousness. Returning comrades help him to get home.

Remembering all these sometimes unpleasant moments, Zilov decides to commit suicide. The games are over. And lies, too. Victor writes a note, prepares a gun. A few seconds before the fatal moment a phone call rings. Then Sayapin and Kuzakov appear, they understand the seriousness of the situation and take the rifle from Zilov. Victor is angry, yells at them, asks to be left alone. Again he takes his gun and walks around the room with him. Then he throws himself on the bed and starts to cry, toli to laugh. Finally, he jumps up and calls Dima. Zilov is ready to go hunting.

“Duck Hunting” – a summary