How I usually do my homework

I usually do lessons later in the evening. Some of the guys I know do the lessons right after school: they will come, have lunch, rest for half an hour and sit down for lessons. Maybe this is what you need to do. Maybe, so even rightly – quickly got rid of and almost all day is free. But I lack the willpower for such a daily routine. It’s too hard for me to study like this. I act differently.

First, as soon as I come from school, I have dinner. Then I sit down to the computer and do something depending on my mood: I play computer games, I go online or learn some new program.

And only before the arrival of parents I sit down for lessons. I begin most often with difficult subjects – from mathematics and Russian. I perform written tasks, and then I prepare oral assignments.

After difficult subjects I rest a little – I watch some telecast or listen to a new CD. Then I sit down for oral lessons: I prepare for history, literature and other subjects.

When asked to recite poetry by heart, I try to teach them not in one evening, but several days in a row. For a long time I realized that one evening it was not always possible to learn a poem well, but the three did not have much desire.

That’s how I do my homework.

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How I usually do my homework