“How to help nature”

Nature is the cradle of human life, our native element. No one can live without water, land, air, food. When you think about the inalienable beauty of the sunset or sunrise, about the spring ringing of the brook of the brook, about the fragrance of young sticky leaves, about the colors of the autumnal forest, it becomes clear that we need something besides daily needs – to breathe, to drink and eat. We need the beauty of nature, its strength and support. The plans for “mastering” nature should provide for the main thing: do not cause harm to it. “Thanks to” humanity, nature began to need special help and support from people. Any one of us can help it-there would be a desire.
Now engineers, scientists, the whole population of our Earth are thinking about this. Why in our time of great discoveries and achievements the problem of nature protection has become so important and necessary? If we do not help nature in time, it will die. What then will happen

on Earth? The earth will perish. And this will be the full blame of humanity.

How can I help nature, protect it. It all seems easy at first. No, this is a very laborious work that requires not five or even 10 years, it requires a lifetime. To help nature, you need knowledge and skills. You can get them from books, the experience of other people, your own observations. The surrounding nature is full of interesting facts, deepest secrets and curious mysteries.

At the moment I can only do a little. For example, to feed and even save animals that are in trouble; to struggle with garbage – after all it is a huge problem of 21 centuries; I can also make bird feeders and cottages; to help sick trees and shrubs. In place of old, dead plants, I can plant new ones and later take care of them. If suddenly on the trees I see the wounds, then I will necessarily smear them with wax, clay or plasticine. Sometimes there are times when a strong wind is blowing and trees are breaking. If this happens, I will remove the fallen trees, which can no longer be saved, while the others carefully remove the broken branches,

in some places I will spread the wounds and put the props. One of the directions of environmental protection is the preservation of the riches of nature: the economical use of water, gas, paper, heat, electricity; collection of scrap metal and waste paper. In order to preserve at least a fraction of the natural wealth, all people need to observe the following rules:

Wash vegetables and fruits in a large saucepan with water, and the dishes in the sink. After all, if you do not wash under an open tap, you can save about 45-60 liters of water at a time.

Water the flowers and trees in the morning and in the evening, because at this time the evaporation is much less than during the day.

Closing the water when brushing your teeth. It turns out that this saves 10 liters of water at a time.

Give the read magazines and books to friends or to the library.

Do not throw away toys, clothes and other things. There are people who will benefit from these things.

If each of us adheres to these rules, nature will be grateful to us.

In the future I want to become a veterinarian. I dream to open my clinic, and then – a shelter for homeless, sick animals. I will treat them. Also I want to create a website where I will post information about these animals. I’m sure that there will be people who want to take their own pet. I will track the further life of my players, who will surely have good hosts. It will also be a unique contribution to the protection of nature.

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“How to help nature”