Composition review “The fate of a man”

After reading the story “The Fate of Man”, I would like to note that it is similar to the novel in the volume of the covered historical material described in it, which was placed on the pages of the story. Mikhail Sholokhov can be attributed to writers-realists. Describing a happy Soviet existence, he did not bypass acute, conflict moments in the fate of a man symbolizing an entire epoch in the development of Soviet society.

In its structure, “The Fate of Man” is a story in the story, because we get acquainted with its content from the words of the author and the main character – Andrei Sokolov, who tells about his life on his own. The protagonist was a vivid representative of the then society. At first he served as a Red Army man, then was a simple worker during the famous “five-year plans”, he had a happy family, a loving wife and children. But all this disappeared during the war.

On the pages of the story, we learn about the

inhuman trials that Andrei Sokolov went through. These are wounds, and German captivity.

The war, taking away from Sokolov all that he loved so much, could not break his spirit, the will to win, the bright future, the love of everything living. Andrei found strength in himself and extended a helping hand to a little boy Ivan, as lonely and unhappy as himself.

Sholokhov asks himself what will happen in the future? And as if answering his question, the writer with hope says that this simple Russian peasant will find the strength and will educate the boy as his own son.

His story Sholokhov wanted to call us to courage, to the ability to overcome the tragedy in the tragedy itself. The hand of helping a little boy becomes an image of faith in a new bright future.

Composition on “Social Work”

I am often asked why I chose this profession, the profession of a social worker? And looking into the eyes of the interlocutor, I feel like at the exam, only, at the examination of life.

But the fact that this is my profession is sure.

One hundred percent!

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Composition review “The fate of a man”