How I learned to jump from the tower

You can learn anything by overcoming some difficulties: laziness, fear, weakness. I remember how I learned to jump from the tower. It was in the summer with my grandmother in the village.

On the river that runs near the village, there is a low tower for jumping. It was made especially for tourists, because there are many summer cottages in the village. In summer half of the villagers are summer residents who come not only to work, but also to rest. In the daytime, when adults dig into the kitchen gardens, the tower is a favorite place for children and girls.

The tower has two levels: one, the lowest, at a height of two meters, and the other – higher, three meters high. For a long time I was afraid of jumping from the tower in general: both from two meters and from a height of three meters. It seemed that I would jump and crash to the bottom, although all my friends jumped and no one would break anything, because the bottom in this place was specially deepened. Also,

adults have long removed all the snags and stones under the tower. And all the same – I was scared to death. I could not overcome in no way an explicable animal fear!

But one day, when I once again climbed to a height of two meters and looked anxiously down, I heard someone’s ringing laughter. I did not notice that some unfamiliar girls were bathing downstairs – they probably came to the village just recently. They looked at me with interest, and one even with admiration – probably thought that I can jump from the tower, and waited for me to show the top of the sporting art now.

All! There was nothing to do. Now or I will jump, or I will be disgraced before unknown girls, and to me for ever any insignificant nickname will stick!

I went to the very edge with a nauseous trembling in my legs and jumped down, closing my eyes. Already in flight, I opened my eyes, because in total darkness to fly into the unknown is even more terrible!

Nothing terrible happened! And what was I afraid of before? A little, really, I hit the chest with water, but I did not show my mind. But now I was able to jump from the tower and did not feel uncomfortable when there were other guys around. And later, a week or two later, I learned to jump and from three meters.

Overcoming the fear, I learned to jump from the tower and was not disgraced before the girls!

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How I learned to jump from the tower