How does nature affect the human soul?

Not in vain the nature was sung and praised at all times. Special attention was paid to it in antiquity. People endowed it with magical power and believed that if the weather was good, then everything would be fine. But if suddenly it has deteriorated, it means that they have committed some kind of mistake and for this the Gods punish them. And the weather, that is, nature, is a sort of conductor, connecting between the two worlds. Naturally, no poet or writer can do without describing nature in his works, because, as is commonly believed, nature is the inner world of the hero. Man and nature are closely related things, which means that nature can influence the inner world of a person, his soul.

This is especially evident in the story of AP Platonov “Yushka”. Yefim Dmitrievich – an elderly man, over whom everyone in the district laughed, endlessly mocked him, tormented him. Parents, to somehow reproach the child, when he did not obey or did not study well, said:


You will be the same as Yushka! “But, despite all this, he was, perhaps, the happiest among them all.” Each summer, Yushka took the money, bread he had accumulated for a year and left the city on foot. “During the campaign, Yushka plunged into a completely different world, the world of nature, he forgot about all troubles and diseases, he merged with nature: he stroked the bark of trees, kissed the flowers, trying not to breathe on them, so that they did not deteriorate from his breath, picked him up from the path butterflies and beetles, which fell dead, and peered into their faces for a long time, feeling themselves without them Nature let him enjoy his creations and took sickness for the time-consumption.

Man and nature is like a single whole, flowing in the eternal stream of life, constantly opposing and at the same time inseparable. How wonderful is every moment of life, its warmth and care. The breath of the cool wind, the rustle of the grass and the freshness of the morning dew.

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How does nature affect the human soul?