Folk features in the city

In the summer, I read the book of Konstantin Paustovsky about the Meshchersky region, and I found myself in this book a chapter on popular signs. I read it, I enjoyed the language of the writer and suddenly I thought: “How do we, in the city, have people’s signs or are they true only for the village?” And I decided to observe the nature, the weather, to answer this question.

From our window one can see the boiler room pipe, quite often it is caused by a rather unpleasant black smoke. I began to pay attention to this smoke and that’s what I noticed. Before the rain, the smoke does not go to the sky, but begins to cling to the ground, forcing the inhabitants of our neighborhood to clamp their noses and close the windows. And when the smoke is a pillar, this is a sure sign of a hot summer day! Paustovsky also described a similar sign.

There are not so many trees, bushes, grasses in the city as in the village, but they are, and I began to take a look at the morning dew. It turns out that if there are many, then the day promises to be fair, clear, rain, most likely, will not.

Watching the birds, I noticed that they also foreshadow the weather. For example, if the swallows are worn low over the earth, this is a sure sign of a near rain, bad weather. It’s also bad when the birds suddenly fall silent and hide. In this case, a downpour is possible, or even a hurricane or a storm!

If you are attentive, you can predict, in some measure, the weather according to the state of the sky. If the sky seems high, and the horizon is close, it will be a hot summer day.

So I found out that people’s signs are good in the city.

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Folk features in the city