Composition “The Modern Family”

The family has always been one of the greatest values ​​of man. It’s not surprising: nothing pleases us as much as the warmth of the home, the quiet comfort of your home and stay close to dear people’s hearts and souls. However, far from every family reigns idyll. Rather, on the contrary: there is no family where the idyll would be absolute. If it seems that this is exactly such a family, it is either an actor’s play, or the reproduction of a literary work.

Each family faces daily typical everyday conflicts, which are simply unrealistic to list. But all these problems seem scanty if there is mutual understanding and mutual respect in the family. If family members do not get along with each other, then they are able to turn each other’s lives into hell, distorting the fly into an elephant.

However, if we go deeper into the relations of the modern family, problems on a material basis are a trifle that can be easily overcome. The greatest horror

for families of the 21st century is indifference. Technical progress made it possible to take all the free time in search of information on the Internet, real communication was replaced by virtual communication. Where parents and children used to discuss problems that concern them, now there is a concrete wall, whose name is indifference.

Another catastrophe of the modern family is that humanity as a whole has placed material values ​​above spiritual values. Did not pass it and families. Conflict can arise on the basis on which it was simply impossible only 10 years ago.

Having access to an unlimited amount of information, young people can learn independently. And this is a fact that is very difficult for the older generation to understand. Adult people are used to transferring their knowledge and experience to their descendants. In our time, the need for this has disappeared. Accordingly, there is a misunderstanding of the generations: the senior contingent does not want to agree that young people do not need their knowledge any more, and young people who do not really need this knowledge do not want

to listen to what they are told by adults.

Among other problems of the modern family there are those that were relevant both ten and one hundred years ago. Depending on the social level of support, in many countries a different quantitative percentage of low-income families. However, there are many families where a low standard of living causes the head of the family to drop their hands and start drinking alcoholic beverages, or even fall into drug addiction. Under such conditions, when children grow up, they begin to hate the whole world and themselves, diseases that affect offspring and lost sense of being.

Modern families have something to work on. And this work will necessarily be justified. One wise proverb says: “Without a family, there is no happiness on earth.” And this is the truth.

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Composition “The Modern Family”