Writer on the theme of Woe Dreamer

I believe that dreaming is useful. This gift is given to everyone so that we learn how to build our lives, help ourselves to see the goal, feel our strength and strive for better results. In dreams, it’s easy to get to the very top of any creative plan, set a record, admit feelings to someone. In his thoughts, every person is a hero. But is it possible to live by dreams alone?

There are people who cling to their dreams, as if anchoring hope. They can not tear themselves away from the apparent realism of dreams. In the end, what do they have? Of the fantasies of life you can not build. After all, their main purpose is to be realized, but otherwise, why are they needed? For example, imagine a sorrow-dreamer, immersed in desires, which never went into business. What did he do? What can he do? Anyone who likes to dream, instead of working, will remain in place, without moving from the point of departure.

Here it is our hero. He did not do homework, he had no time, he

dreamed. His dad asked for help, and he promised, because it seemed to him interesting. He even began to imagine that even before the arrival of the parent home, he could perfectly cope with his father’s assignment. Yes, there is an order, he will do everything, and even what they did not ask him to do. Yes, he certainly will master everything. Adults, when they come, will be surprised and will start praising. And then tell everyone: neighbors, his friends and, of course, the class teacher. But Tatyana Yuryevna will find out how he will post his portrait in the wall newspaper.

On the same day, a correspondent from a local newspaper will be “accidentally” at school. Yes there is from the local, from the All-Russia. Yes there are newspapers out of television. No, there will be some guidance from the Internet, for sure. Maybe Zuckerberg himself! And then everyone will know what a fine fellow he is. The prize will be given in America, right in the UN building. And on delivery necessarily in the first row will sit Vlad Skripkina, and she will see what he is! And then she will come up and let her portfolio go home. And he will take her knapsack and proudly go… Mom called for supper. It turns out that Dad, when he came home, called his son to help, but he did not hear, he was busy in his dreams.

I gave this example to illustrate the usual day of a dreamer engaged in an empty occupation, which took time and the opportunity to help parents. It seems to me that it is much better if this mountain-dreamer just learned the lessons and waited for the pope to work with him.

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Writer on the theme of Woe Dreamer