Composition on Russia

Russia! Only the name of my country sounds proud and powerful, and all thanks to the people who are not subject to the people and the great victories. Broad Russia as a Russian soul, generous, wise, strong.

About Russia, poets and writers told of their works, about the beauty of nature, about the vast expanses, about how to wake up well for the morning singing of birds in the village. About the magnificent winter in the outback, untouched white snow, the trees are covered with hoarfrost, white around white, as in a fairy tale. So you want to go out in the boots on the porch in the frost from the mountain ash to tear off the red-and-red berries covered with thin ice and gladly put it in your mouth, where it will slowly melt with the frost.

Strong is our country! In numerous battles, the strength and courage of the Russian war was repeatedly confirmed, as well as selflessness and spirit! We lost our countrymen in the war and were proud of the fact that they died for their homeland in battle. All this is the foundation, the foundation of the great past of my homeland – victory, conquest, discovery, invention. Who has a past, he has future! I believe that in the future all Slavs will unite and will be as before together.

Together to go through the difficulty, taste the taste of the Victoria, the bitterness of defeat, but the defeats are not to drop your hands, but only to come out with more fierce force and sweep everything in your path so that there are no equal to Russia in the whole world. I am proud to be born and live in Russia!

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Composition on Russia