Writing and language

Language exists in two forms – oral and written. The written form of the language arises in connection with the need to transmit information over a distance and keep it in time. Signs of letters appear at a time when it was necessary to count and remember how many heads of cattle go on pastures, how many people live here when it was necessary to spread orders, decrees, laws of the ruler over huge distances. A letter can be defined as a system of signs that allows information to be transmitted over a distance and stored in time. The system of writing has a permanent composition of signs. Signs of writing can record different units of audio speech. If the signs correlate with the word or with the morpheme, then we are talking about the ideographic type of writing. In the case where the sign denotes sound (phoneme), one speaks of a phonographic variety.

Language is a naturally arising and regularly developing sign system of a special kind, the most important means of communication

of people, a means of translating their thoughts and feelings.

A letter is a system of graphic (descriptive) signs and rules for their implementation in the text, which serve to translate the speech signal into an optical signal.

The main elements of this kind: letters, number, point, exclamation mark. Thus, the letter is secondary to sound speech. This letter is based on the language of add. means of communication. The letter distinguishes two phases: Scripture, Text, Reading.

Writing is a collection of texts.

The main factor in the appearance of the letter: the need to expand the connections between people when communicating at great distances.

The precursors of the letter, not deliberate signals, informing people about other people and the environment. world (traces, smoke) Later began to use intentional signs (broken branch, arrow..)

Then the messages began to be used. By pre-written means of communication include: the baton, vampoo (embroidered belt), kip (nodular letter of the natives of Peru), nodules, tags (on them conducted household records)

A new stage in the development of the letter is connected with a descriptive letter. It happened in several stages.

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Writing and language