Composition “Life experience”

Thinking about “Experience and Mistakes” is always relevant – at any age, in any state with any mental orientation. However, any such thinking will certainly be carried out at its own level.

For example, for a small child at his level, there is an understanding of legitimate or illegal things. If we consider a typical example situation, then we can draw certain conclusions. For example, a mother sends a four-year-old son into the garden to pick carrots, the son returns, but brings the beetroot. She begins to say something to him in a reproachful way, the boy feels the discomfort of “not bringing what he asked for,” he closes in himself and realizes with some sixth sense that he made a mistake, but he did not allow it to be his prank or harmfulness.

Regardless of how old a person is, he will equally treat his failures – whether he is four years old or forty years old, that is, with the same measure of responsibility. He will equally experience

because of his mistakes, and the more he mistakes, the sooner he will experience necessary experience in this or that sphere of his activity.

It may well be that a man in his life repeatedly admits the same mistakes, as it comes to the same rake, which, incidentally, very painfully hit the head. This gives rise to a feeling of dissatisfaction with what you are doing, as well as mourning: “Why did this happen to me again?” Why could not I do otherwise, because I’ve done it a thousand times? And so on. ” There are many reasons for this, one of which is a special trait of character, when a person rushes to live and does everything quickly due to some circumstances. In other words, he wants, as best, but it turns out all the way around. So the hero of V. Shukshin Chudik (“Why am I such and such?”

Experience, no matter how bitter and sad it was, adds new coils to the development of the personality. Yes, there is a sediment in the depths of the soul that did something wrong or irrational, but next time, when a similar situation happens, you can already insure yourself and prevent a similar mistake.

Therefore I want to advise: do not be afraid of their own mistakes, better to smile and live on… until a new miss.

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Composition “Life experience”