Autumn in the middle lane of Russia

According to the calendar, autumn comes in September. In the central part of Russia September is called a “pensive month”. The days are quiet, the air is clear, the horizon seems to have moved away, revealing the beauty of autumn nature. From the trees, even at windless hours, yellow leaves fly off. Nature seemed to be pondering in anticipation of big changes…

But this month still combines the signs of summer and autumn. When it’s warm, you forget that the summer has already passed. And the wind will blow, rains will pour, and it seems, there will always be a cold, a bad weather. The sun is showing less and less, the wind is getting colder. The sky is covered with clouds. The autumn rains begin. You wait for the sun as a reward, but looking out of the window in the morning, you see a fine gray rain.

And suddenly the heat returns. Established “Indian summer” – the last warm sunny days. At the time of the Indian summer, you want to

believe that a long warm strip will come again: the sun so gently warms, so clean, cloudless it is! Within two or three days the summer really returned, but happiness is not long: weather forecasters relentlessly predict a cold snap.

And then “Indian Summer” was over, for a short time it pleased us with its farewell beauty. The clouds have gathered again, the last thunder-storms, the cold winds are blowing. Short heat is replaced by a prolonged cold, at night there are frosts. Field work is coming to an end.

October is marked by a sharp change of weather. At the time of “golden autumn”, covering the first half of the month, the sun still warms. But from the middle of October the sun will hardly seem and hurry to hide. The sky is covered with leaden clouds, beyond which you can not see the sun. The twilight comes early. The day is getting shorter. In the evenings, fogs spread. November is the foggy month of the year.

Late autumn the weather is unstable: sharp chills are replaced by a thaw. The air begins to cool: the air temperature drops below zero. And when light frosts are set, snow falls. But it does not stay long: the thaws turn it into water, under the feet – puddles, the snow is mixed with mud. Soon, very soon everything will turn white, the snow will cover the earth for the whole of the long winter.

It remains to go another kilometer two, and the familiar fields will be opened. To the right of the road, a fragrant clover is sown, to the left – an oat field. How beautiful is the Russian nature of summer sometimes!

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Autumn in the middle lane of Russia