Composition “What is joy”

Composition “What is joy”

Each of us at certain moments of life experiences a feeling of joy and satisfaction that need to share with others. The composition on the theme “Joy” shows the reader the logical relationship between the rejoicing people. After all, surrounded by sad people it is difficult to get the maximum pleasure from their own joy.

What can a person bring joy? Yes anything! A piece of bread is hungry. Thirsty – a sip of water. Homeless – shelter for overnight. Patient – health. To the poor is wealth. Rich – luxury.

Everything in the world is relative, so the feeling of joy is not always long. What is joy. It is a state of mind at some point in an event.

For example, everyone is happy that the academic year is over. even lagging students. Tomorrow is summer vacation. Hooray! But tomorrow and retake of “tails” for repeaters, so their joy today is short-lived.

Another example. A man bought a car. He joyfully rides through the streets of the city and rejoices. He is followed by a cyclist who, in an endless “traffic jam”, is forced to breathe exhaust fumes. Suddenly, bam! There’s a pothole on the road. The wheel is punched, the wing is dented. The car takes away the tow truck. The guy on the bicycle presses on the pedals, breaks out onto the planted forest plantation, the roadside, and he is no longer just happy, but incredibly happy. He hears the singing of birds, the rustle of leaves and breathes

fresh, intoxicating air.

When a person is happy, he should share this joy with everyone. If you rejoice in something that upsets others, then this will already be called another word – selfishness. Folk wisdom says: “You can not build happiness on someone else’s misfortune.” The meaning of the words of this saying is understandable to all. So why are we so happy when, for example, we find a purse with money or documents? It’s the same for somebody’s misfortune. Rarely who will return the purse to its owner for “thank you.” Everyone wants the notorious reward. And it’s in addition to the money, stuck from the purse.

And what if you try to give people joy just like that? Say hello to a nasty neighbor and suddenly realize that he is not that bad. Calm down, annoyingly whimpering, the baby and realize that he is not such a capricious person. Smile hamovatoy saleswoman and, after hearing pleasant words, understand that it is not so she and disgusting.

In the end, you understand how all the same, damn it, it’s nice to bring people joy.

Composition “What is joy”